Wait a minute, what is a flue lining?

The lining is the material on the inside of the chimney, protecting it from the hot gas and chemicals in the smoke.  The chimney lining also creates a smaller, more efficient channel for the smoke to pass through.

There are many situations where your chimney or flue could need relining. Linings can get damaged and deteriorate over the years, particularly if they are of the clay design used in a lot of older properties. Some chimneys were never lined in the first place, which poses a risk of there being a tar build up and a chimney fire. Damaged linings are associated with problems like staining to internal and external walls when chemicals from the smoke seep through the brickwork. More severe damage can allow smoke to leak from the chimney and into the house, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Asides from damage, if you are installing a wood burning stove or similar appliance then you will need a high efficiency rating for your chimney. This usually means lining the flue so the channel is smaller and provides a clear path for smoke and flue gasses to be drawn up properly.

There are many professional firms offering chimney relining London. If you are concerned about your chimney then a qualified chimney sweep will be able to perform a thorough integrity test. Using sophisticated equipment, they can determine if there are any issues with your flue and pinpoint exactly where they are, all with no disruption or damage to your home.

If it is determined that your chimney lining needs replacing then the firm will be able to recommend the solution that best suits your property. These include rigid and flexible steel liners that can be lowered down the chimney, the clay tiles previously mentioned, and a ceramic lining that is sprayed on.

If you want to be sure you get a professional firm to replace your flue lining then look for companies that are HETAS accredited.

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