When you are planning to implement ERP, you must be sure that you are in the hands of the right company. So, you will have to be very careful while selecting the ERP implementation companies. You can definitely take the help of people who are having experience in dealing with this kind of services, but make sure that you are not relying only on their opinion. You should always make sure that the final selection is completely based on your choice.

Before you start looking for the ERP companies, you will first have to prepare the requirements. You will have to decide which module of the organization has to go for it. When you are sure which data has to be converted, then you will have to start your process of checking. This will help in making a better list of the companies that you will need.

  • You can make use of internet, yellow pages, or other possible sources for checking the ERP JD Edwards implementation service providers. Yes, when you are searching normally, then there are chances that the list you get is too long. You should search based on your requirements. So, this way your list will be shortened.
  • Now, among those that you have now, you will have to make sure that their contact details are with you. You can check their websites as well for getting the contact details. On the websites, you can also check the feedbacks given by the other clients. It is not just their website, but also many other websites are there to know about the companies. Now, you will be able to shorten the list further.
  • Now call the companies and talk to them about your requirements like ERP implementation process. Ask them if they have worked with companies like yours. If the answer is YES, then you can ask for an appointment and meet them personally or ask them to meet you personally. You can arrange for a meeting. In the meeting you should discuss clearly about your requirements. This will help them in understanding you better.
  • Now ask about the cost of JD Edwards Enterpriseone implementation and compare the cost of the companies that you have gathered so far. When you have gathered the information and compared, then you will be able to get the best company that suits all your requirements. Now it is time to discuss with them clearly about all the requirements in details and get some suggestions from them. There will be many experts as part of the service providing company and they are going to give you the best possible solution.

Isn’t it simple to select a company? It is simple when you are able to do it in a right way.