Most of us experience some level of stress throughout our lives. The way we react to it positively or negatively, can make the difference between being assertive and reagent.

When you’re under pressure and feel that you are about to explode, the first thing you should focus is to remain calm. Here are 5 tips that can save you from making a serious mistake by acting impulsively.

When you’re overwhelmed, later or earlier, your mind collapses … But, not anymore! Try these 5 new tricks and discover how to calm your brain.

Calm Your Mind These 5 Tricks

Performs a More Complicated Task

While the most popular ways to calm the mind is to hike or disconnect from the things you’re doing, I’ll tell you something new: perform a demanding task that requires your full attention is a great idea. So you will no longer wander and your stressed brain is put into action.


Following the news, I tell you that a study ensures that spend more than 6 hours alone creates stress and anxiety increases. You see, while working at home increases productivity, you may be a little crazy. Therefore, try to interact every 4 to 6 hours with a real human being, not by phone, mail or message, but face to face.

Make Balancing on One Leg

When your brain is about to explode, you should certainly try this trick, you adopt it forever! Stand on one leg with eyes closed and stretch your arms up taking your hands. And it remains for a few seconds and do it again if needed. Redirecting attention to the body and the balance is a great way to calm the mind.

Stop Breathing

The idea of this trick is to learn to take a breather before your mind explodes anxiety. A good way to get used is adopting certain signs that let them know it’s time to breathe deeply before proceeding, for example, small circles of color stuck in strategic places of home and work, such as the refrigerator door, the bathroom , the steering wheel, etc. The idea is that every time you meet with them, peers and breathe deeply three times.

Keep Breathing!

And if the mind is in despair before an exam or presentation at work, it is best to schedule a minute timer and curb anxiety. Close your eyes and breathe from the diaphragm, abdomen, belly expands in each inhalation. You see how calm returns and keep your relaxed life!

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