The lampshade is an integral part of the interior décor of many homes. Its simplicity offers a splendor that resonates with the entire interior. However, having plain lampshades in your living room is not enough.  In case you are looking to add more style and character to your décor, there are a few simple tricks you can use to play around with your lampshades and give them the perfect look. Besides, interior decorations keep changing and you can’t end up stuck with old plain lampshades that add no value to the beauty of your home. Here are a few decorating ideas to transform your lampshades into lively and beautiful accessories for your interior:

Creative Ways To Revamp Your Lampshades At Home

Bright Colored Fabrics

If you want to upgrade your lampshade for summer then adding a little bit of color will really do. Consider adding a custom bright colored fabric on the lampshade that resonates with your interior. For example, if you have beautiful white curtains with shades of blue, you can do the same with your lampshade. The aim here is to align how the lampshade looks with the entire décor.  You will absolutely love it!

Faux Flower Lampshade

Adding some flowers into any room always has a way of breathing life into it. You can use this century old idea and make your lampshade even more beautiful. A faux flower lampshade can easily transform your interior and the great thing is that this is quite a simple job that you can do on your own. You can take an existing lampshade and stick the faux flowers around or get a new one. Any color will do. You can even go with a combination of colors if you want. Whichever way you decide, it will still be magical.

The Golden Glow Lampshade

Although on its own a lampshade looks unique, you can add to this by spray painting gold on the inside. The aim here is to make sure that every time the lamp is lit, an aura of bright gold glows all over the room. This simply sets the mood and provides a beautiful ambience under which all other interior décor accessories can thrive.   Although in the end no one will notice the gold color on the inside, they will sure notice the gold glow the lampshade is projecting to every corner of the room.

Simple Painting

If you feel that the ideas above are simply too complex for you, you can go for something as easy as spray painting your old lampshade the way you want. Whether it’s a plain color or a mixture of two or more different colors, you will be able to give the lamp a much needed revamp. However, it’s often advisable to stick to one color or two. If you want to use more colors in spray painting, maybe it will be best to have a decent pattern in mind before going all out.

The role of the lampshade in improving the interior décor of any home will always be huge. Well, in case you need quality and creatively designed lampshades you can go to Oscar and Clothilde to learn more.