There’s one special occasion that we await the entire year- Birthday! All celebrations come and go but the memories of a birthday celebration last forever. No matter what we have been going through in life, the joys of birthday wipes away the woes of our soul.

But what could be done to make the birthday a lot joyous and memorable. Celebrating a grand birthday, that too in a budget requires a few things to be kept in mind. Take the guide:

  1. Plan A Theme

Choose a simple theme that does not require lavish costumes. It could be a something from day to day life or an exciting celebrity role based theme where everyone could dress up differently and conveniently.

  1. Plan Your Entertainment

Decide what sort of entertainment you want in your birthday. If it’s an indoor party, look for some exciting games along with some great music at the background. If it’s an outdoor party, plan some lawn games.

  1. Take Help

If someone offers a help in organizing a birthday party, be it friends, families, relatives, always take help in having the venue decorated, picking the birthday theme or deciding the birthday cake.

  1. Look For A Free Venue

Find a free venue where you can host the party. It can be your house or your friend’s apartment. House parties are anyway, a lot convenient and comfortable to celebrate. You can decide the way of celebration.

  1. Short Guest List

Cut down on some acquaintances , if you can. Make your celebration small, sweet and memorable. Invite close friends rather than too many people and taking the burden.

  1. Decide A Budget

And stick to it. Overspending is not the key to make the occasions memorable. Make a list of items needed for the birthday like decorations, cake, snacks, music etc. Once you sort the list, working on budget won’t be an issue.

7.Make Easy Food

Whatever cuisine suits you, Chinese, Italian, Indian, order it from a nearby restaurant. The best option is to prepare it at home, save on cost and stand out showing off your skill at cooking.

Quick Tip: Do not miss ice-cream in the party, as everyone is fond of it.

  1. The Perfect Cake

Choose a cake of your favorite flavor. If you are running short of time, you can also place cake order online. Besides, you can also bake one at home and cut on the cost.

With these amazing ideas, you are sure to make your birthday a lot special and cost effective.

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