Many families are trying to eat more vegetables and fruits throughout the whole day. In reality, many produce we find in grocery stores are genetically engineered. Worse, there are no rules that require sellers to inform buyers that they are selling genetically engineered produce. Recent scientific advances have allowed big farms to produce more fruits and vegetables using genetic engineering techniques. A quick research about genetically engineered produce show that they posses potential terrible side effects. There are no very significant evidences yet, because genetic engineering is a relatively new technology. However, we should be aware that there are various life-threatening side effects. There are various problems that affect people who consume genetically engineering produce. As an example, many children are suffering from life threatening food allergies. More and more people could be critically ill if they are exposed to peanut protein, some of them are even allergic to fruits.

Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods

It also appears that many children are affected by asthma as well and this could be caused by newly introduced protein in genetically engineered produce. Many foods that have engineered could produce new chemicals and they can be toxic. As an example, some crops are engineered to produce their own bug-killing chemicals, which is essentially similar to pesticide. In this case, bugs could be incapacitated after biting these plants. Unfortunately, these new chemicals could cause various unpredictable effects in our body. They could cause severe reactions, such as allergies and in some cases, increase the risks of cancer. Although there’s no conclusive evidence related to the introduction of these chemicals, we could be sure that they won’t do anything good in our body. In this case, it is a bad idea to take chance with our own health. Birth defects are also caused by various chemicals and some of them could be obtained from genetically engineered food. This will put pregnant women and fetus at higher risks.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions that we should consider. It won’t make sense to grow all our produce at home, but we could experiment by growing most commonly consumed produce at the backyard or garden. In this case, we should get seeds from organic farming stores. In this case, we should be able to obtain fresh produce in the summer or fall. Organic produce could be frozen for consumption during winter. By growing our own food, we should be able to reduce exposure to genetically engineered produce. In this case, we should invest some money on farming tools and it shouldn’t take too much effort to tend our garden. We could spare 15 minutes each during morning and afternoon. During the weekend, we could do more elaborate farming tasks, such as planting, removing weeds and harvesting. There are methods that we could choose for growing our own food. One of the preferred techniques is aquaponic garden. It should be easy and simple to set up such a garden and any homeowner could do it at the backyard.

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