In the past, people relied on a deck of cards to pass their time when alone and aghast. Today, Khelplay Rummy is the abode of people who enjoy playing cards. The app as well as the website offer many interesting ways in which one may pass his spare time. If you are bored, all you have to do is visit the Khelplay Rummy website. Here are some simple ways the website will help to keep your boredom at bay:

  1. Learn Variations Through Rummy Videos

Most of us know just one variation of rummy card game. When you have free time, you can simply sit and view the different ‘how to play rummy’ videos uploaded on the website. It will assist you understand how exactly to play the diverse variations. Just play the videos during your free time and see how each game variation varies from the one you already know. Comparison is definitely the best way to learn and understand the rules of the game.


  1. Many Variations to Try Out

Khelplay Rummy is the best mobile app for all classic rummy players as it has many variations for you to check out and try your luck at. The app or the website allows you to play the game with real chips or practice chips and the choice is completely yours.

It also allows you to select from these countless variations of rummy game:

    • Points Rummy
    • 10 Cards Rummy
    • 13 Cards Rummy
    • 21 Cards Rummy
    • Pool Rummy (101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy)
    • Deal Rummy (6 Deals Rummy, 3 Deals Rummy and 2 Deals Rummy)
  1. Interesting Tournaments Every Season

The website understands that the players get bored when the same things are repeated. After all, people are always seeking something new and exciting. That is why this rummy online site tries hard to provide playing cards-enthusiasts, with exciting tournaments every season. The prizes, clauses and rounds for each tournament vary. It is exciting to win money or gadgets by using your rummy skills and Khelplay Rummy offers you this unique opportunity.

  1. Make New Contacts in Rummy Circles

Another opportunity that Khelplay Rummy offers its rummy players is a chance to interact with other rummy players around the globe. Since the game is based on the internet, anyone anywhere can play card games with you as long as they can access the site. The chat option made available for players on the platform aids you to make new contacts in rummy circles. This also enables you widen your reach and connect with like-minded individuals. Playing with new rummy gamers allows you grasp new strategies and methods that are surely helpful.

  1. Get Your Old Rummy Pals to Play the Game Online

The site offers special bonuses each time you invite your friends over it, and they accept the invite. So, wait no more! Go ahead and invite your closest rummy pals to this amazing app. Help them understand tips and tricks to win an online rummy game. Guide them through the app so that soon you can enjoy rummy sessions with your best rummy pals on the site. You can enjoy the benefits of playing on the mobile app and have your best rummy friends to play with you, from the comforts of home.

When you have multiple options to choose from and play on the website, why would you want to visit any other platform for rummy? There is so much here to pass your time on and get rid of monotonous life.

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