Before looking at what a biogas generator costs, let’s take a look at what a biogas generator is. We currently use enormous amounts of fossil fuels, cut down and burn trees, and destroy peat bogs which increase the amount of carbon dioxide being produced, while reducing the natural absorption of carbon dioxide by trees.  The increase in carbon dioxide is closely correlated with global warming.  To try and combat this effect, there has been a lot of research in to biogas generators.  Biogas is produced by anaerobic biomass digesters, which produce a gas which can be combusted to generate electricity. There are already many biogas plants globally and the use of biogas generators for household use is starting to become more common.  Some of the biogas can be used directly in gas lamps and gas stoves and be burned directly while a generator is required to convert the combustible gas in to electricity.  This is still fairly rare but should become more common in the future especially in developing countries.

What Does A Biogas Generator Cost ?

Using waste from abattoirs, animal manure, agro industry by-products and plants, it will be easy to generate enough electricity for a household without the use of fossil fuels. The gas produced by the digesters for biogas create methane with a small amount of carbon dioxide and other trace gases from breaking down the waste products.  The less oxygen available, the better the methane that is produced. Using these digesters for biogas a small amount of electricity can be created through the use of the generators.

What Does A Biogas Generator Cost ?

These generators are basically chemical processors that use the digesters for biogas to break down biological waste products into hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and other gasses which can then be combined with oxygen to be used as fuel. Biogas generators on a larger scale will be able to be used as alternate energy sources in rural communities to power their homes for cooking and heating.

Biogas generators can actually be made quite economically as a DIY project and the biogas generator cost for a commercially made generator can start from as low as 800 GBP. A DIY biogas generator cost could be as low as a few GBP, but there isn’t any guarantee that you would create enough energy to power electricity with this, though it could create up to 2 hours worth of cooking fuel per day if you had enough waste products to feed in to the system. For the future, there may be better technology that will result in cheap biogas generators that are able to power an entire family home on a daily basis just on the household waste produced, but this is not yet available to the man on the street.

If you want a true biogas generator cost you might have to wait a while for a product that functions adequately and is able to power more than a gas stove for a short period of time. This may be the way of the future especially as it is one of the ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and try and reduce global warming due to the excess carbon dioxide currently being produced.

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