A luxury vacation is a dream for many people – who wouldn’t want to have a holiday where everything is top of the line and the best that money can buy? The accommodation, the food, the surroundings and the activities all being the best they can possibly be will make a holiday that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

There are many luxury holidays available all over the world but how would you be able to afford to go on them? It takes a lot of money to be able to go on one of these holidays; you would probably need to win the lottery. To increase your chances of winning the lottery you can use a free lottery site that allows you automated entry into several lotto games. With your winnings from a free lottery draw, you could enjoy one of the expensive luxury vacations around the world that are detailed below.

Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

A private, 850-acre resort that requires a small boat to ferry you to and from there to a larger neighboring island, Guana Island is the definition of an island paradise. The British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean. Temperatures are warm but are accompanied by a cool ocean breeze. On Guana Island, you can choose from any of the seven white, sandy beaches to explore, that you will have all to yourself. Activities include snorkeling, yoga, tennis instruction, hiking and studying the wealth of marine life that surrounds the island. Rates start at around $700 a night for a cottage with a sea view and three meals per day.

Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge, Rwanda

Safaris are becoming a hugely popular tourist attraction across central Africa. However, this particular safari holiday is unlikely to draw in the crowds, given its price. For $1,100, you can spend a night in one of only six villas, overlooking nearby volcanoes. The villas resemble the Ewoks homes on Endor in Star Wars – wooden constructions nestled in trees. The villas are designed to look like the palaces of Rwandan monarchs of the past. As well as getting to holiday in such a fantastic location, you will have the chance to see gorillas in the wild, as well as buffalo, golden monkeys and elephants.

North Island in Seychelles

Have you ever wanted your own private island? North Island in Seychelles has only 11 villas covering the 2.01km2 landmass. The island has tropical beauty and sandy beaches with imposing granite peaks to add a sense of drama to your holiday experience. As well as luxury accommodation, you also have access to the best dining, experiences and activities like scuba diving, cycling, fishing, guided walks, kayaking and much more. This enterprise will set you back up to £11,000 a night.

The Pikaia Lodge in Ecuador

Have you ever wanted to go to where Darwin made his most momentous discoveries? Well, the Pikaia Lodge, located in Santa Cruz Island, part of the Galapagos group, might just be your perfect holiday destination. Darwin spent 19 days on the Galapagos, studying the flora and fauna that made up the entirely unique and unspoiled ecosystem. His work there led him to come up with his theory of evolution. The Pikaia Lodge is an eco-resort, designed to have a minimal impact on the natural order of the Galapagos. From the resort, there is easy access, via boat, to nearby islands where you can see all of the fauna and flora for yourself. Seven nights at the Lodge can cost up to $16,845.

White Desert Adventures in Antarctica

If you really want to splash the cash, then there is probably no luxury vacation better than this at draining your bank account. White Desert is a luxury adventure company that has come up with a trip to the bottom of the world. The holiday starts in Cape Town, South Africa, where a private jet takes you and 11 other guests 2,400 miles to land on a blue-ice runway in Antarctica. You will then go to the Whichaway Camp where you can sleep in a state-of-the-art sleep pod before you are then taken to see Emperor Penguins and to stand at the South Pole. This whole enterprise lasts eight days and costs $78,000 per person.

If you can afford to spend considerably more, you could pay $195,000 for ‘The Greatest Day’. It lets you explore the interior of Antarctica for eight hours before ending with a gourmet champagne dinner. The whole trip lasts 24-hours.

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