As a business owner, one of the people you least expect to fire is a manager who you’ve come to trust. While there are departmental managers who all work under a general manager (GM), you may not be the one actually doing the firing of a floor or department manager. That would be left up to the GM in most cases. However, if the GM falls short of their duties in some way, it will often be left to you to do the firing. Do you know how to let a general manager go legally with a minimum of drama in the transition? Here is some of what every business owner should know before firing a manager.

Be Aware of Anti-Discrimination Laws and Guidelines

You would be amazed at just how many business owners have come to regret the way in which they’ve fired a general manager. If there is even the slightest possibility that the person you are letting go can cry “Discrimination!” be advised to speak with your attorney prior to letting managers go. That is just one issue your lawyer will scrutinize.

Strictly Follow Procedures Outlined in an Employment Contract

At the same time, let your attorney advise you on how to follow the procedures outlined in the employment contract signed by you and the manager in question. You can be assessed a heavy penalty if you violate a legally binding contract. The financial repercussions may be much bigger than you’d expect because the courts may fine you, give compensation to the plaintiff (the fired manager) and then there are the attorney’s fees to account for. All in all, closely following dismissal procedures on an employment contract are of extreme importance.

Revoke Access to the Company Grounds and Data

Here is one of the things many business owners fail to do. Sometimes the transition is smooth and other times emotions are running high and set to explode. Whether the parting of ways is amicable or not, revoking access to a GM who is no longer employed is one of the first things you should do once the dismissal is made formal.

For example, can you imagine the damage a GM could do to a Dallas/Ft Worth software development company? Not only is theft a very real possibility but all those client records and patents yet to be released are in jeopardy as well. A business owner should immediately call a call a local Dallas locksmith to change all keys or access codes to the grounds. Access should also be revoked within the building and within the mainframe as well. Tech support should get on that immediately upon termination.

The Bottom Line Is Safeguarding Your Bottom Line

In the end, it is imperative that you do everything humanly possible to protect your business’ financial wellbeing. While you hope for a peaceful parting of ways, this may not transpire. As the owner, it’s up to you to safeguard your company’s future. Being aware of what could go wrong can help you avoid falling prey to Murphy’s Law. Take time to talk to your lawyer before, during, and after dismissing upper management and you should be safe from devastating repercussions.

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