The design of candle bulbs is similar to that of a natural candle flame. These types of bulbs are normally used when a more decorative bulb type is required. The market for candle bulbs has gone through a lot of changes since the old traditional incandescent bulbs. The old conventional incandescent bulbs were later on replaced with energy-saving bulbs. In this blog, we talk about the things you will need to consider before choosing to purchase a candle light bulb.

Fitting/Cap Type

This is the most important factor to consider when you are interested in purchasing a bulb. This is because if you happen to choose the wring cap or fitting type your bulb will simply not fit. You also need to know that among the common mistakes people make when purchasing bulbs is choosing bulbs that have the wrong fitting and cap type. The caps and bases of bulbs are usually labeled using both letters and numbers. The letter is used to indicate the type of the bulb base while the number, on the other hand, is used to indicate the diameter of the base. The diameter of the base is usually in millimeters(mm). Listed below are some of the most common Cap and base types:

  • Bayonet: The bayonet bases are the most commonly used base types. Bulbs with these bases are placed into sockets using a push and twist action.
  • Screw: These bases are also known as “Edison” bases. This is the reason why they are labeled using the letter “E.” These types of bases come along with many sizes. Bulbs using these types of bases have two wires that connect the filament of the bulb to the base. Electrical voltage connects with the base and then powers up the bulb.
  • Pins or Pegs: These types of bases have two pins or pegs. The distance between the pegs or the pins is measured in the millimeters units. This distance which is in millimeters is usually indicated in the base type code.

Brightness and Colour

Before purchasing any light bulb, you need to ask yourself what type of light you would like or prefer. Your decision should narrow down to brightness and the color light that you want. Brightness is measured in watts. Since the introduction of energy-saving bulbs, the use of watts became a less useful measure of brightness. This is because the new type of bulbs uses less power to produce the same amount of light that the old bulbs could produce. Nowadays light output is measured in lumens.

The color of light bulbs is usually measured on the Kelvin Scale. This measurement is a measure of temperature. Light bulb manufacturers refer to “color temperature” normally on the packaging of the light bulbs because the measurement on the Kelvin scale is a measure of temperature.


There are three types of light bulbs. These are CFLs, LEDs, and Halogens. A characteristic of the CFL is that it is a type of bulb that is cheap and comes in a range of different sizes. The Halogen type of bulbs are similar to the incandescent bulbs in color and also in quality. This is because both these bulbs use a tungsten filament. LED bulbs, on the other hand, have a characteristic of using less energy as compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are the most efficient energy saving bulbs so far.

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