Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC) is often used for diesel generators and engines. It removes pollutants that are harmful to the environment by burning it which is called the oxidation process. A great way in helping the environment a better place to live in, purchasing a DOC can be your contribution for a healthier earth. Check out the guides below in purchasing a DOC to help you better in making decision in selecting one.

Types of DOCs

Generally, DOCs have two types that are readily available in the market. First is the clamped DOC which is designed to be installed in-line with the engine exhaust system. This can be installed before or after the muffler equipment. The advantage of this clamped-type DOC is that there is no need for the whole exhaust system of the vehicle to be removed when dismantling the catalytic core. Its V-band clamps equipped with gaskets enables this convenience. It is highly recommended that this type of DOC be installed very closely to the engine’s turbocharger outlet or exhaust manifold outlet.

The second type of DOC that one can avail is the Muffler type. Muffler type of DOC provides an exact fit for the original equipment muffler that will be replaced. Having this type of DOC will require you to completely remove the whole equipment muffler for you to install this catalytic muffler in place.

What to Look for a DOC

Searching for the right DOC for, you can be a daunting task. With the numerous range of DOCs available coming from different manufacturers, you might find it tedious looking for the right one possessing the right features.

The first thing that you are going to look for a DOC is its best efficiency towards tortuous flowpath catalytic core. This feature enables the curved mixed flow cell design which the pollutants contacts with the surface of the catalytic core. Without the curved design, the pollutants just flow in the catalytic core and do not make contact with the catalyst which is not recommended by experts.

Look for a DOC that has an exceptional catalytic coating. With a good coating, it ensures a long and reliable performance record. A good coating of the DOC will sustain the durability of the thermal capacity of the catalyst, making it perform well even in unfavorable working conditions. Also, look for a DOC that features a great physical strength. A DOC with a good physical strength will protect the equipment itself in withstanding ultra-high temperatures and severe vibrations during its operations.

And lastly, search a DOC that is easy to install and have a low maintenance requirement and cost. There are lots of DOCs available in the market that are easily accumulating particulate matters which frequents the get Diesel Oxidation Catalysts activities of the DOC. Choose a DOC that has a compact design to increase its efficiency during operations.You may also check out the different catalytic converter cleaner to guide you in choosing the right cleaner depending on the amount of the particulates to be cleaned when you are going to perform DOC maintenance.

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