Cars are insured to help you recover after an accident. But the truth is, no matter how fantastic the repair works might look after an accident it would never have the same worth as a brand new car

Take for instance a car that had never been in an accident may well worth as much as $25,000, but a few thousands less when involved in an accident and repaired. However, there is a way out. A diminished value car accident claims Medford Oregon helps make up for the difference in value of a car after a crash.

To get this claim car owners often hire a private company to document the lower value. Insurance companies would not do that for you. If the insurance companies resist after the lower value has been documented then the owners may sue that insurance company.

Making a diminished value claim is not as easy as it seems as there are conditions to it. If the accident was a result of your negligent act or carelessness do not expect your claims to go through. Only a few insurance contracts allow such claim. Likewise if the car is flooded but not totaled out, you cannot file for diminished value against your claim.

But if your car was hit by someone else then you are at will to file your claims as this is acceptable by almost every state. Half of the states allow claims on diminished value even if the person that hit your car is uninsured.

Having an appraisal of the car’s value before and after repairs could help so much in ensuring a successful and hitch free diminished value claim.

How to Go about Making a Diminished Value Claim

An appraisal is the first and major step to a successful claim. The appraisal shows the diminished value of the car after the repairs from the accident. Part of the reasons for the loss in value may be because the car repair did not restore it adequately. Another reason might be because the car’s history is now tainted. About 70 percent of used cars are sold to dealers, who will look up the history of a car to see if it has been in an accident. So, too, will many private buyers. After getting an appraisal, you can file a claim against the other party’s insurance company for compensation.

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