cars that the German automaker has been producing since 1998. Now in its third generation, the Audi TT is available in three versions: the Audi TT Coupe with a 220 horsepower engine, the Audi TTS Coupe with a 292 horsepower engine, and the Audi TT Roadster with a 220 horsepower engine. With full specs having been released by Audi, and many photographs surfacing online, we now know a lot about what type of auto lighting will be featured in the Audi TT Series.

Here’s What We Know So Far:

LED Lighting Is Standard. Audi is providing the very best when it comes to exterior auto lighting. All three vehicles in the TT Series will have full LED headlights, as well as full LED taillights as standard features. This means buyers will get the benefits of brighter, longer lasting illumination than standard halogen auto lighting without any additional costs. All of the interior auto lighting is also fully LED as an added bonus.

The Turn Signals Are Dynamic. The turn signal lighting on the Audi TT Series is exceptionally stylish. The automaker has made their Dynamic Turn Signals a standard feature of the TT Series. The sequential turn signals are made up of multiple LED lights, which flash in groups, for a far more stylish and noticeable effect than conventional blinkers.

The Headlamps Are Ultra Modern… Audi has gone for a very unique headlight design, which gives all three vehicles in the TT Series a sporty edge. Between the LED headlights are vertical LED daytime running lights, which create a squared off shape to contrast with the round headlamps. The look is finished with a bar of LED light beneath the Halo headlights. The accent light creates a sharp diagonal that complements the sharp contours of the vehicle’s front end. The lights also look striking paired with the octagonal Singleframe grille. Those who are familiar with the 2015 TT Series will be familiar with the shape of the daytime running lights, as it’s very similar to what was used for the previous model year.

And the Taillights Are Too. The engineers at Audi opted to make the red LED taillights echo the exact shape of the headlights, making the rear of the vehicle just as stylish as the front.

The exact release date for the Audi TT Series has not yet been announced by Audi, but pricing has. The Audi TT Coupe will start at $42,900, the Audi TT Roadster at $46,400, and the Audi TTS Coupe at $51,900.


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