In many families, money can be the central subjects of arguments. Unfortunately, many men simply don’t understand how women spend their money. On the other hand, women also don’t understand men’s typical spending habits. Husbands often complain how their wives focus on various superficial spending, such as flowers and decorations. However, they often hesitate to by a bike, new smartphone or laptop. Often the argument comes down to a single fact, who makes the most money. Often, the main breadwinner tries to dominate the family in how the money should be spent and managed. Couples are often very proficient in playing the guilt card by blaming on the spouse’s dubious spending habits.

It is often said that when women spend money, it is often for the benefit of the entire family. However, when men spend their money, often it is only for themselves. Women often need to justify their expenses, but men don’t really need to do that. In some countries, relationships are still based on traditional values. In these societies, husbands make the money, but money is owned by both, as women also works at home for the entire family. In an ideal perspective, both husband and wives have worked equally hard and the money should be spent based on agreements of them both. It means that although the husband could make all or much of the money, it doesn’t mean that he can be dominant in household money management.

In other societies, the mindset can be radically different. The provider is often considered as king. The money maker is still dominant in the family and wives will work hard in the house only in order to order pacify their husbands. All comes from the fact that societies have different perspective on how money should be handled in a family. We could often see that men see everything in the big picture, while women tend to see the depth of everything. Many decisions that women make could be beyond the normal reasoning of any mean. They could only focus on making the home more comfortable and pleasant. However, underneath all the pleasant things, women have worked hard to eliminate chaos and bring order to the house.

A home without a wife’s touch won’t be as enticing. Flowers in the kitchen table may seem like a superficial thing and useless. However, before women can put flowers on the table, the need to do heavy-duty house chores to keep things in order. They need to have the aptitude and resilience to make sure that things are working properly. Decorations in the house are only small objects that are built upon hard works that women do at home. Men could be so busy outside their home that they don’t see all the subtle elements. Women have better attention to details and they pay close attention to everything. In this situation, women try to improve the overall appearance of the house. For this reason, it is important for men to be less dominant in money management and give their wives a way to manage money.

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