Broadband is an essential tool for many small businesses and they need to contact consumers in many situations. Many of them are using ADSL broadband networks, while others prefer mobile-based solutions. ISPs offers different data connection packages and some of them are more appropriate for small businesses. Some of the packages could include free wireless router. This will allow us to share Internet connection and employees will be able to get equal Internet connection. A single broadband connection can be shared by multiple computers within the range of a wireless or wired router.

Wireless connection is essential for many small businesses, especially if they don’t have enough space for arranging cables. In general, setting up wireless network doesn’t require trained technician, because Windows 8 and Windows 10 can be connected to a wireless network very easily. It means that we should choose the latest releases of equipments that have been optimized for latest Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions. With the easy to use wizard, we will be able to go through the wireless network setup procedure quite easily. Another thing that we should consider is the data security.

For wireless networks, they should be protected with at least WEP security method. It is based on hexadecimal keys. Modern routers should be compatible with standard WiFi technology and it means that it should come with WEP encryption. We should enable the WEP protection option and choose a unique hexadecimal key as instructed. However, it is more likely that we will be asked to enter a typical password. A good password should combine uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and special characters. This can make it difficult for snoopers who want to steal data from our wireless network.

In order to improve security, passwords on each computer set should be typed a specific individual, such as IT administrator or business owner. WEP encryption is essential for any wireless network. Without this security procedure, our wireless network will be like an open network and everyone with WiFi-capable devices will be able to access many files in our company. Our network should be quite secure, as long as we don’t divulge the wireless key. We should defend the key against any intruder. Some companies even use a bait wireless network with simpler protection and this will allow them to detect and perhaps locate any snooper.

Small businesses will need to have shared folders where employees can use. In this case, employees are able to get templates, forms and latest software updates for their computers. Some of the shared folders could even be open for public, where customers and guests are able to obtain specific files. However, we should be aware that unprotected shared folders can become a gateway to our protected network. In this case, we may need to consider using a separate computer and wireless router for shared folders. The computer should be completely disconnected from the rest of the network. Any files could be transferred only through USB flash drive.

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