Many businesses have benefitted from the use of fax automation. Although email has become the standard technology in business world, fax is still used to transfer document quickly. Fax is considered a faster method, compared to scanning a document and sending it through email, which needs to be re-printed by the recipient. With fax automation technology, we will be able to improve the business productivity. However, we should know that computer-based fax solutions are not completely equal. We should also define factors, such as fax volume, budget and workflow. We should be aware that manual faxing can be considered as a labor-intensive task. It is significantly time consuming and cost prohibitive. In this case, we should try to automate the process. There are faxing machines with special tray that can send documents automatically to multiple recipients.

Fax broadcasting is another technology that small businesses can use. It reduces repetitive steps significantly and the speed of document delivery could increase. Reaching customers can become more difficult when we also need to deal with the influx of spams in email messages. In this case, many clients would appreciate to receive documents directly. When broadcasting fax to multiple clients and other recipients, we should make sure that it supports highly legible documents. Others than sending copies of physical documents, the machine could also send printed versions of Word, Excel, Access, SQL, CSV and other formats of information.

Fax automation technology is also useful with email distribution list. In this case, we should try to leverage the existing resources and technologies. Fax can be distributed very easily to different recipients. Some fax machines could also automatically send documents base on schedules. Some faxes technology is based on IP technology, instead of the standard voice-based, copper wiring. This could further increase the versatility of fax machines. In general, these devices are printers and scanners that are connected to the Internet.

We may also use the automatic fax technology to ease the billing and invoicing process. In this case, cash flow can be improved and costs can be reduced. Once processed, bills and invoices can be printed manually. This will eliminate tasks like mailing of invoices, envelope stuffing and printing, which are also considered as labor intensive. Each mail sent through the national postal service will cost money, although it is quite affordable to individual mail. In this case, billing and invoices can be sent to clients within seconds. Once they have transferred the fund, we will get the confirmation receipts.

Small businesses may also need to use the outbound fax management technology. This is essential for small businesses that perform the paper-intensive outbound faxing operations. They could use this technology for various purposes, such as generating leads and closing deals. Clients and existing customers can be contacted very easily. There should also be a software that manage the fax transmission. We should be able to review the transmission time and other details. Fax automation is clearly an important option that we should consider.

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