As any vegan knows, it can be next to impossible to be able to find something you can eat in a restaurant, let alone something you can vape in your home. Luckily, there’s some great news for vegan vapers who have been on the hunt for an e-juice without animal ingredients. Believe it or not, there are several types of organic e-liquids out there that are made in cruelty-free environments and are free of harmful additives. In this article, we profile, Kind E-Juice, our top pick for the best organic e-juices on the market.

The Best Organic E-Juices For Vegans

About Kind E-Juice

It’s not easy to be classified as an organic e-juice since these companies have to follow USDA rules for organic classification. Kind stands out as one of the best organic e-juices because it checks every box when it comes to creating sustainable vape flavors that are made from natural extracts and are free of additives.

100% Vegetable Glycerin

Kind e-liquids are not only awesome options for vegans; they are also great e-liquids for vapers who struggle with an allergy or sensitivity to propylene glycol. Since the e-juices from Kind are made without propylene glycol, vapers will get a soft inhale that’s kind on the throat, along with some pretty big clouds since the juice is so thick.

What’s In Kind E-Juice

As we mentioned before, Kind E-Liquids have no harmful additives, so that’s a big sell right there. Additionally, most of the vape juices from kind are made with extracts from fruit or flowers via farms that are eco-conscious and sustainable.

They call these vape e-juices “e-nectars,” a nod to the company’s focus on crafting plant-based, additive-free, vegan-friendly options. Vegans can choose such yummy flavors as the blueberry-charged Once In a Blue Moon or the refreshing Alpine Frost, which is made from menthol crystals.

Vegans looking for e-juice options should look no further than Kind, one of the best organic e-juices you’ll find.

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