Advertising is a service industry which has a major role to play in the highly competitive market today. The main aim of advertising is to build a brand image with the help of effective communication. Advertising can also be considered to be the soul of marketing as it involves the promotion of products and services in order to enhance sales and the level of awareness of the target customer. Most advertising campaigns aim at building a relationship between the product and customer. Advertising serves three basic purposes out of which sales promotion is the first as it persuades customers to buy the particular product or service. The second is public relations where a positive image of the company is created and the third is education, where the social attitude on matters of general concerns is influenced.

A Career in Advertising

A career in advertising is very challenging as you need to be highly creative. Advertising courses are quite interesting offering a lot of potential for growth and prospects. The student becomes enlightened in the areas of advertising business practices, copywriting, copyediting, graphic design and production, art direction, TV commercials, radio commercials, public relations, media planning and evaluation, media presentations etc. A career in advertising is quite lucrative and many youngsters are being attracted by it and they are often looking for advertising courses in Delhi. There are many new areas within the field of advertising like event management, internet marketing, and image management.


The basic qualification required for a Post graduate certificate or a diploma in advertising is graduation. Some courses like mass communication which are offered at a graduate level also have advertising as a subject. For such a degree course the minimum qualification required is 10+2. Apart from this there may be entrance exams conducted by the individual advertising colleges. A student also needs to be creative with a flair for writing, the ability to translate ideas into a visual format, understanding the psyche of the masses, team spirit, mental and physical toughness to be able to withstand the high pressure and criticism, a calm temperament and a socializing nature. Along with these analytical thinking and logical thinking abilities are also required.

Job Scope and Career Options

In this field there are many career options among which a job with an advertising agency is the most popular. The other options include working in the advertising department in private or public sector companies, advertising sections of newspapers and magazines, commercial section of radio and television and market research organisations. You also have the option of becoming a freelancer. There are two main categories of advertising jobs – executive and creative. In the executive category you need to understand the needs of the client, find new business, and retain the existing business, select the right media, analyze the timing and placement of the advertisements and negotiating the financial aspects of the deal. It also involves client servicing, and market and media research. The creative jobs on the other hand you need to verbalize and visualize the clients’ requirements while creating the copy of the advertisement. The copywriters, scriptwriters, photographers and typographers are among the creative personnel of an advertising agency.

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