Many people are wondering how to safely and effectively clean up laptop screen. The most common advice is by bringing a few microfiber clothes with us. These should be available in computer supply stores. Microfibre clothes are the basic cleaning tools and they do an impressive job for removing smudges and picking up dusts. Oily fingerprint can be removed quite efficiently. It should be noted that we need to treat LCD monitor like an expensive camera lens. We should choose only high-quality cleaning kits and appropriate methods. In reality, LCD screens are not made of glass. The surface is actually a soft film and it can be scratched quite easily. Improper cleaners and sharp objects could damage the surface very easily.

Many laptops have anti-glare surface, so we won’t be disturbed by lamps reflections and sunlight. For this purpose, we should make sure that the cleaning cloth doesn’t contain grit or sand, which could damage the surface. There are safe methods that allow us to keep the screen clean. When applying microfiber cloth on the LCD monitor, we should use gentle pressure. Dust is the most common annoyance that affects our LCD screen and it should be cleaned properly. For stubborn smudges and dirt, we should use damp (not dripping wet!) microfiber cloth. For safety, we should turn off the monitor or laptop and disconnect power cables. It is also preferable to clean laptops in the porch during the day, because sunlight allows us to see dust more clearly.

How to Clean Up LCD Monitor

The first thing that we need to do is to evaluate our laptop and LCD monitor. Look for larger dirt particles and concentrate our efforts from there. When removing these large particles, we should use gentle circular movements until particles are removed. Then, we could wipe gently to pickup any leftover dirt. Make sure that our devices are free from these large particles and then we can proceed with cleaning the whole surface from dust. Whatever we do, when we dampen our cloth, it is important to avoid wetting it excessively. We should always apply light pressure. In fact, cleaning with a dry cloth is quite inadvisable, because friction could progressively cause fine scratches on delicate surfaces. We may need to reposition our cloth repeatedly, so we could wipe the damp surface with drier parts of our cloth.

We should check the surface for missed areas and any streaking. If we still see some specks of dust and accumulated particles, then we need to repeat the process. When cleaning laptops and LCD screen, we should avoid using coarse shop towels and Kleenex. Improper cloths and towels can be rough and abrasive enough to scratch those delicate LCD screen surface. Even for the outer casing, we shouldn’t use strong cleaners and chemicals, because we may blemish it. It is also not recommended to choose cleaners that contain protective layer or coating. If this layer is left behind, we may have specific spots that are difficult to remove.

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