Many car owners put dash camera on their dashboard. The camera will record everything continuously while we are driving. There are different models of the camera and we could also put another one on the back to record things that happen behind our car. Some more sophisticated models are equipped with IR sensor to allow us record things in the dark. As soon as our car starts and we drive on the road, the camera is switched on automatically. All videos are stored inside a memory card and we can back them up into a laptop or desktop computers for future reviews. Some more expensive models can offer great quality with high definition recording.

For many car owners, especially insurance consumers, this particular technology would be quite interesting. It’s an extensively used and mature technology. Car owners should also use it in areas where insurance frauds and accidents are common. It is clear that dash cams are very helpful for drivers. The camera can be our own witness and they will speak through the recorded videos. Accidents could happen due to a series of unexpected manoeuvres of other cars. Many accidents can be difficult to describe without detailed videos. In many cases, dash cams are essential to help us discover the truth.

Why Car Insurance Consumers Should Install Dash Cams

Data privacy shouldn’t be a concern, because the video won’t be transmitted to other places. Dash cams store their videos directly n the removable memory card. If we don’t back them up, the memory card will be rewritten when it is full. Depending on the size of our memory card, one loop could last between a couple hours to a few days. There are two parties who will benefit greatly from the use of dash cams: law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. Dash cams should contribute greatly to the resolutions of insurance claims and traffic accidents. Dashboard cams are also used inside police vehicles to document road situations during specific incidents.

If we value our car and we have an insurance coverage, it is important for us to embrace this specific technology. It would be quite rewarding if insurance providers decide to offer us lower premiums after they consider that the installation of a dash cam is a good thing. That’s the reason why we should inform the insurance company about the dash cam and their expert will determine whether our solution matches their standards. If not, we should ask ways to improve our camera. However, dash cam is useful only for decent drivers, who obey the law and drive carefully.

In fact, dash cam could prove that we are at-fault, if we neglect specific details, such as by driving recklessly. Otherwise, dash cam should help us to maintain a clean driving record. We should make sure that the camera is usable for a long-term period. This will contribute to the proper assessments of accidents and we need to make sure that we have a good driving behaviour. With a dash cam, we always have a truthful and honest witness who can prove our points after an accident occurs. But again, it can also be used against us at specific situations.

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