We live in an era where if you have spare time, you can make money online. Taking surveys is just one of the methods that work fine for many people!

While anyone who says you can live off taking surveys online is lying, it’s also true that some sites pay substantially more than their peers. Online surveys can be a bit of a hassle. From finding legitimate sites to take surveys for cash review, your prestigious time is getting wasted every second.

So, we’ve done most of your work for you. Here’s a list of legitimate sites that pay for cash!


The number one site online that has a number of positive reviews scattered all over the web as a proof of its legitimacy. Swagbucks gain popularity as a reliable survey site that pays cash to its members. The site has a minimum threshold limit of mere $1 and pays you via PayPal.


A site that offers you to make money by taking surveys, writing reviews and many other activities. While the threshold limit is slightly on the higher side (£25), the site is legitimate and is worth your time. Besides, they pay roughly £1-2 per survey so it isn’t very tough for members to reach the minimum limit.


While they also offer Amazon gift cards and other vouchers, MySurvey also gives you an option to be paid via PayPal. 345 rewards points are usually the payout limit which should not be difficult given that you get 100 reward points for taking each survey.


A mere £4 is the threshold limit for this legitimate and reliable website. They pay you on a per minute basis for taking up a survey and you can easily reach the limit. They also pay via cash which makes it an even more lucrative option.

Panel Base

While £10 is the threshold limit, you get £3 simply by signing up on their website! Now isn’t that a great deal?

Besides cash, they also offer different vouchers and gift cards which you can redeem easily.

Pinecone Research

Backed by Nielsen, Pinecone Research is known for its huge payouts! They are in the business seriously, and not everyone can be a member since they are pretty serious about the surveyors they choose. If you are lucky enough to get accepted, you can make easy money by taking their surveys and sometimes, you get to review the products they sent you for free!

How is that for a deal!


While the number of surveys available on this site are quite low, you get paid a decent amount every time you take one. iPoll is a US based company and their threshold is $20. Sice their surveys hardly take more than 15 minutes and you get paid roughly $2 for each one, it shouldn’t be tough for you to cash in your reward points easily.

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