Instagram has morphed from a visual social platform to an effective marketing channel for a variety of businesses. The pictorial representation optimizes the outreach of a post. It is also far more effective and eye-grabbing than wordy social media posts. According to statistics, an Instagram post drives approximately over fifty times the engagement of a Facebook post and 120 times as much as a Tweet.

Moreover, Instagram has become the ultimate hub for the majority of fashion followers and entrepreneurs to convene, communicate, and establish relationships with each other. In fact, almost 80% of the influencers prefer the photo-sharing app for brand collaboration. Therefore, as the owner of a fashion startup, Instagram should be high on your marketing list for acquiring followers and customers.

Here are a six ways you can use Instagram to up your startup game:

Create a Compelling Profile

When a user stumbles upon your Instagram profile, he should be hooked immediately. This is only possible if you have a commanding, highly optimized online presence. Write an influencing, well-curated description about your brand that highlights your unique selling point. Choose an image that commemorates your expertise in fashion along with the right amount of oomph factor. If you have a website and other social media accounts, provide a link in bio.

Also, have a consistent appearance throughout your profile. Use interesting backgrounds for your photo shoots to make them stand out. You can also use little blank spaces to make your images pop.

Leather products startup LeatherSkinShop, has a clean yet inspiring Instagram account that highlights their products.

How To Use Instagram For Your Fashion Startup

Get Creative with Hashtags

Hashtags yield a lot of power if used correctly. They give an instant boost to your post and make it visible to your target audience. You can create your own hashtags that best define your style and brings your fashion blog to the limelight. You can also use the trending hashtags to make your profile more prominent. Find out the hashtags that your competitors and influencers in your field are using and embed them in your posts as well. Just make sure that they are relevant to your image.

Furthermore, hashtags are also a great way to connect with prospective customers, influencers, and collaborators. Search for commonly used hashtags relevant to your field and engage with people who are using these hashtags.

Tell a Story about your Brand

Human beings love listening to stories. Thus, share how your fashion startup came into being and what inspired you to take on this path. A brand story is also a great way to humanize your startup and make it more relatable. Make a series of posts for Instagram narrating your brand story accompanied by captivating photos. If the story is intriguing, it will compel the audience to visit your account repeatedly in anticipation of the next installment. This will also provide you with interesting content to keep your account active.

Moreover, all your posts should align with your brand story and its core essence. If your fashion startup is more chic and upscale, all your posts should be classy. On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards vintage and classic style, keep the overall theme of your Ins KLLtagram account quintessential.

How To Use Instagram For Your Fashion Startup

Collaborate with Another Brand or Influencer

Getting followers on Instagram is not a very easy feat. It takes time and dedication. Also, you may also have to take help from fellow fashion entrepreneurs to increase your following. Ask influencers in your field for account takeovers. Begin by following these influencers and leave relevant comments on their posts. Once they take note of you, you can request them to take over your account for a day. Make sure to advertise the upcoming takeover abundantly. In this way, you will attract fans of the influencer on your account, increasing your followers.

You can also collaborate with another like-minded brand to host a competition and offer a giveaway. This will help you appeal to more people as well as acquire the followers of your collaborating brand.

You can also re-post the posts of other brands from your niche, not necessarily your direct competitors. In turn, they will also mention you in their post and generate a networking effect as well as give you more exposure.

Appreciate your Followers

Everyone loves a personalized shout-out. Every so often, thank your followers for being loyal to your brand. Interact with them on a personal level by liking and commenting on their posts wherever appropriate. You can also have a segment called “Follower of the Month,” where you can offer a discount or an appreciation token to your top followers. This will motivate other people to be more active on your account as well.

Post at the Right Time

It can be tricky to figure out the right time to post on your Instagram account that is most appropriate for your audience. Try out different timings of the day to upload similar posts and determine which one gets the most engagements. This will ensure that you do not post when your followers are least active.

Be Patient and Strategic

Social media is a complex network brimming with opportunities to expand your brand’s outreach. However, it is also a competitive platform where you have to work hard and dedicate a lot of time to carve your distinctive niche. Success on social media platforms, like Instagram does not happen overnight. Therefore, the tips above will only work if you follow them with utmost devotion and a lot of patience. If you establish a high impact strategy and follow it diligently, Instagram can propel your fashion startup to an esteemed and thriving brand!

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