Eating healthy food is today’s number one trend. What you can find in Eastern traditional dishes is a combination of healthy and tasty meals. That is the reason for its popularity.

These dishes are not only traditional meals in Eastern countries but are also finding their way to the Western world and in this article; we shall look at a few that are common in UAE.


Meat shawarma

Shawarma is one of the most popular Middle Eastern dishes. It is an uncommon, exotic treat for Western people but is an everyday meal for people in the East. Shawarma is popular all over the world, but the journey began in Turkey where it was formerly referred to as Döner Kebab. Shawarma is made with some form of meat (beef, pork, chicken).

It is a meal with rich flavor and high protein levels that fill you up. It is made by whole muscle meat that is marinated in an aromatic blend of spices. Once the meat is cooked, it is thinly sliced into small, bite pieces and combined with other ingredients. Shawarma doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, and that is the reason for its popularity because it is a manly healthy meal. It is one of the main dishes in the popular Mediterranean diet and a popular one in the UAE.


Sultan Kebab, Rice Chicken

This dish is very popular and is served in many restaurants with a national cuisine all across Dubai. Whole-roasted lamb or mutton should be served on kebab skewers with additional vegetables and hazelnuts over rice.

First, you have to roast a whole lamb then serve it on top of the rice. Rice is specifically made for this dish with vegetables and nuts. If you want to truly experience the magic of Dubai cuisine you should order this particular dish.

Al Machboos

This is another lamb recipe cooked in a large pot and spiced with loomy. Loomy is a combination of dried limes and salt water. Main ingredients are onions and meat, rice seasoned with spices and loomy. You prepare it by cooking meat, spices and dried lemon in boiling water until they get tender.

After that, you should take out the meat and add all ingredients and return it to the pot and cook it on small fire for two hours. Cassia bark, turmeric, baharat, and cloves are the main ingredients and spices that make this particular dish, thanks to their impressive flavors. It is a favorite food in UAE, and you should try it as soon as you get there.



Hummus is a creamy dip made from mashed chickpeas and other healthy ingredients such as tahini, olive oil, and garlic, and it became popular all over the world over the last few decades. Hummus was first consumed in Egypt but the recipe was different because today, tahini and nuts are part of it. It is commonly consumed with every single meal as an additional food meal and it most popular for breakfast with bread or tortilla.

Also, it is the main ingredient of numerous Middle Eastern meals. It is made by a combination of chickpeas, olive oil, raw garlic, lemon juice, tahini and sea salt. It is great for vegans because it contains all natural proteins derived from plants.

Baba Ganoush

baba ganoush

Like the hummus, baba ganoush is a specific Middle Eastern food that became popular in Turkey and Egypt. This salad is now a special dish in the UAE.

You can eat it with bread or tortilla and it is specifically good for health due to the fact that it comprises of fibers and whole foods. Main ingredients are lemon juice, garlic, tahini in combination with herbs and spices.


We can conclude that today’s society depends on healthy food and that is the reason for the popularity of some of these amazing foods. Whenever you find yourself in UAE, you can eat in a restaurant or choose Dubai car rental if you want to try out the marinating taste of these dishes.

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