The air mattress is considered among the latest developments in providing excellent sound sleep. Sleep is very important for any person so one should make sure that the bedding or the mattress is of the best quality. In the olden times cotton was the only material which was used in order to make the mattresses, but with the passage of time cotton becoming expensive the manufacturers started looking out for other options. Another most sought after option is fiber threads – they are supposed to be comfortable and easy to wash.

Features of Air Mattress

There are many companies which manufacture the air mattress – the most important benefit of using the air mattress is that you inflate and deflate the mattress when you want. In the olden times the bed which was inflated would remain as inflated it was not possible change and moreover a lot of space used to get occupied and over a period of the bed used to become useless. But with the recent advances in the technology and people looking to save money and space many companies have come up with the air mattresses. These can be inflated and deflated when required. These can be used in your regular household, guest houses, hotels etc. The guest house air mattress can be easily folded and carried in a lightweight bag from one place to another – hence it is also useful for persons who are traveling on a regular basis.

Top 3 Guest House Air Mattress

Another most important feature of the guest house air mattress is the inbuilt pump which is hassle free, unlike the air mattresses which have the external pumps. Having external pumps can make the air mattresses bulky and difficult to carry. Moreover the built in pump requires very less space – it is very easy and simple to use the inbuilt pump air mattress. Now adding more fun and frolic to your air mattress the companies have introduced alarm clock which is built in the air mattress. This has been proven to be an extremely useful and convenient feature among the users.

When you are having sudden guests at your home and you may fall short of mattress the best idea is to have guest house air mattress – which will save space and also provide comfort to your guests. Here are the top 3 air mattresses–

1. Intex ultra plush air bed – Intex is well-known for its guest house air mattress – the main attraction of this airbed is that it can withstand all types of weather conditions. The location, temperature or humidity never affects the firmness of the air mattress. This is most important since you may have to use them in any kind of situation. The air mattress has to be occasionally inflated depending upon the usage of the mattress. Vinyl is the material which is used in order to make the air mattress. You can different sizes and shapes as per your requirement. This is the most ideal guest house air mattress when you have guests at home. It has an easy storage bag which can be carried to places quickly without any hassles.

2. Intex supreme air flow bed with built in electric pump – air mattresses are the best choice when you have guests at home or when you have a function and you need to carry them from one place to another. There are many variations available in the market and among the latest being Intex supreme guest house air mattress along with an electric pump. The pump is a built in pump which helps inflate the bed at regular intervals. You can also have built in air pillows if required. The vinyl with which the air mattress is manufactured is waterproof and hence can be used in any season.

3. Aerobed Premier air mattress along with a headboard – this air mattress is latest in the band wagon. The Aerobed Premier mattress is puncture proof since it is made from heavy gauge high quality PVC vinyl. You can inflate and deflate the air mattress easily and carry them anywhere you want.

Hope you have found your own choice, and if yes, you need to ensure that you read the full features before buying.

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