If you decided to visit Brussels, do not think that it is boring city. Of course, you know that Brussels is unofficial capital of EU. This is the heart of Europe and serious high rate place. As any other European capital, Brussels is full of different bars, restaurant, night clubs and concert platforms. This is interesting and colorful place during the day and bright and noisy city at night. Here is the list of dynamic places that welcomes you in the evening. You may hire a car in Brussels and go to visit at least the big part of them. This is your chance to drink, dance and listen to the living music.

Spirito Martini

Do you really think that night clubs cannot surprise you anymore? How about visiting the fashionable elite night club, situated on the territory of the old church? It is said that Spirito Martini is the temple of night. The price for entrance is 30 EUR. Nevertheless, you will be surprised. There are three different bars counters to prevent waiting for cocktails or beer in a long line. The bar works only on weekend.


Le Flamingo

This place is rather new in Brussels. Of course, the location of the night club does not seem to be attractive. You have to spend many efforts to get there. Nevertheless, this is one of the popular bars in the city. It starts work at 8 o’clock. So, you can prolong your night party till morning.

Maison du Peuple

The cafe is situated apart of the city center. You are offered tasty food and cocktails and good music. This place is always full of visitors. It can be really difficult to find a free table. It is better to book a table beforehand on the website. This is also a good opportunity to check the concerts bill.

Delirium Cafe

The name of this cafe is intriguing and enough to visit this place. The choice of the sorts of beer is very wide. You can see more than 2000 different sorts of beer from all over the world including popular Belgium beer. Delirium Cafe is a real paradise for beer lovers. This cafe attracts visitors of different age with not only bee but music. If you are in the center of the city, you have to find the sign of this cafe and get inside.

The Flat

The name of this place speaks for itself. This is a night club that is located in the flat. You can enjoy your drink in the living room, bedroom or even bathroom. You can also reserve a table, room or even a flat of you want to invite guests for special occasion. Take care of you clothes. Dress code in this place is rather official.

The Bar

Play Label Rooftop

This club is located on the roof floor of the Crosly Bowling in the center of Brussels. This was the first place of electromusic in the city. The club works on Thursdays and Sundays and for special occasions. So, it is better to check their page on Facebook before you come. Play Label Rooftop works just in a good weather. Never try to visit it in winter, it is just wasting time. There is one more pleasant new – the entrance is free and atmosphere is friendly.


If you are planning to visit Brussels in order to find good music, welcome to the Botanique. This place is situated in the territory of botanic garden to be the best place for cozy cafe. This is also the best concert platform in the city. You can meet interesting local and foreign musicians here. What is more, Botanique is situated not far from the city center so it is comfortable to get from everywhere.


Cafe Belga

Belga is very cozy cafe, favorite place for locals and tourists. There is no any other place in Brussels to be attractive for lunch, breakfast or coffee cup during the day. The cafe is situated in Place Flagey, where people from different cultures are mixed together. The good music, friendly atmosphere and crowds everywhere – this is all about Belga. There is a good food market near here. If you want to learn the real Brussels life, you should visit it.

Moeder Lambic

If you like beer but you do not want to overpay in the noisy cafe, welcome to the Moeder Lambic. This bar is special for you! You may ask for a competent advice of your waiter if you cannot decide with your order. Their recommendations are wise and interesting. The wide choice of sorts of beer speaks for itself. You can also eat cheese, salads and other dishes. There are two Moeder Lambics in Brussels. You can visit both of them if you want.

Madame Moustache

Madame Moustache can be your favorite place in Brussels. The music is good for dancing. The entrance ticket is 5-7 EUR. The interior design is impressive. The waiters change their uniform according to the theme of the party. You can hear live music and take part in the interesting attraction for different topics. You may check the bill in the internet. Do you like dancing? If you do not like dancing, you may spend your time by playing table football or something. If you want to feel the real Brussels, you should visit this cafe. Enjoy it!

Radio Rectangle Night : Pendentif

Cafe Merlo

This is a good example of typical cafe-bar in the city. You cannot find any other as much colorful place as this cafe in the whole city. You may get inside in winter and stay on the cozy terrace in summer. The beer is traditionally good here. The cafe personnel spend many efforts to make you feel like at home. The beer assortment includes different sorts of Belgium beer. You should try Belgo. If you are lucky to come on Tuesday evening, you can listen to the one of many concerts. It must be very exciting at any time of the day or night.

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