The admission to B.Tech engineering courses in the colleges run by the central government and some state governments are done on the basis of the JEE Main exam, which is the joint entrance exam. Apart from admission to the top engineering colleges, the performance in the JEE Mains exam is also important for students who want to take admission in the IITs. For this, the marks obtained in the first paper are taken into account.

Process Of The JEE Mains Exam

The students who wish to appear for the JEE Main exam need to fill the examination form. The age and qualifications are filled in the form. For the general students, those born after 1991 can give the exam. Reserved category students born after 1986 can give the exam. The students should have PCM in the twelfth class that is physics, chemistry, and mathematics. For calculating the rank in the JEE Main exam, sixty percent marks are taken from this exam while the remaining forty percent marks are taken from the board exam. Based on this, the final rank of a student is calculated.

How To Use The Online JEE Main Rank Predictor College Tool

The Rank Predictor Tool

Students who are eager to know their performance and rank in the JEE exam can use the online rank predictor tool available on many websites. For this, they need to enter the expected marks in the exam along with the board examination marks. The website compares the marks to other students of the same board and the national level performance of other students. The marks of all students who have appeared in the marks are compared to give the final decision and prediction on whether a student has a chance to get success in the exam.

The College Predictor Tool

Apart from the rank prediction, many students want to know the college in which they will get admission after clearing the JEE Mains exam. Such students can use the Jee main rank predictor college 2016 tool that is available online. This tool will analyze your performance, marks and rank in the exam and based on that, it will give you the best prediction and hint of the college you will get. It will also predict in which branch of the college you will get admission.

How College Prediction Is Done 

For making a college prediction, the online predictor tool will analyze the seat allocation pattern adopted by the colleges in that particular year. However, this is just a prediction and it may differ from the actual results of the exam. You may be offered a different college than guessed by the predictor tool.

How To Use The College Predictor Tool

For using the college predictor tool for the JEE Mains examination, you have to visit the websites. Here, you need to enter your name along with quota. You need to specify whether you are a general category or a reserved category of student. For the students who are appearing in the board exam and awaiting results in a particular year, you have to enter the expected marks in both board exam and the JEE Mains exam. You have to enter your mobile number and email. Some websites don’t ask for this information. You have to enter your state also in some websites. The tool will then give you the best college prediction after calculating your marks and performance. However, this is just a guess. Your marks in the board and JEE exam may differ from what you have entered. This result in getting a different rank and college based on your actual performance that you would know only when the results are out.

Benefit Of Counseling

The Jee main rank predictor college 2016 tool is very useful for students who wish to know the possibility of getting admission in the top engineering colleges in India. The tool is like a personal counselor for students giving them best advice on the college allotment after the JEE Mains examination. The college prediction is also useful for colleges who have taken part in online counseling.

Admission To Various Engineering Colleges

Apart from the engineering colleges of the government and the IITs, the college prediction in the predictor tool is done for NITs and IIITs. These are the top engineering institutes of the country and students are curious to know if they will get admission in them. The college prediction is also given for Delhi students who want to take admission in the Netaji Subhas Institue of Technology. National level data on students is compared to give a prediction for admission in the Punjab Engineering College or the PEC. Thus, the online college prediction tool for the JEE Mains exam is very useful for prediction of admission in many colleges all over India.

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