Losing weight can feel like a never ending battle. There are all those stories online of people who lost ‘X’ amount of weight and now ‘feel great’, but the truth is, this rarely happens in real life for the average Joe. Going to the gym and eating right, is a very difficult thing for people who have an unhealthy lifestyle as it’s ingrained within them and breaking the cycle can be difficult. This is where doctors can come in. I believe that many people don’t think to go to their doctors when they need to lose weight and instead will just rely on internet fad diets. These are the questions you need to be asking your doctor so you are better prepared for the battle ahead.


Goal Weight

One of the main problems with modern dieting is that people all want to look like Kate Moss, but in reality that is extremely unhealthy. Every human body is different and your goal weight is determined by factors like height, age, bone and muscle mass, and your basic genetic makeup. Your doctor will be able to determine all of this for you and tell you what your goal should be.


This is another issue faced by many dieters as they will want to lose as much weight as quickly as possible, either so that they can get ready for the beach, or because they are counting down the days until they get to eat pizza again. Never try to set yourself unrealistic goals as you will lose the faith and bury your face in a vat of KFC gravy before too long. Work with your doctor to set a realistic and achievable goal.

Your Overall Health

Losing weight is generally seen as a very healthy thing to do and can make a massive difference to your lifestyle and the basic enjoyment of your life in general, however another reason you should always consult your doctor first is so that they can run some tests and tell you if there could be any side effects of losing weight and to warn you of the dangers of extreme weight loss.

Extra Help

Some people really struggle accepting a doctors word on things for some reason and so if you feel like you can’t trust your doctor or perhaps just want extra non-medical help with your weight loss, then you should ask your doctor if they can put you in touch with any other healthcare professionals or weight loss experts. They will surely have a bank of people who you can speak to.

A Word of Warning

Doctors can be tricky in this country as we don’t have the benefit of a British-style NHS, so if you have any concerns and feel you were forced into an unnecessary operation or if you think you are eligible for ‘Obamacare’ then it’s always best to find a practitioner with a healthcare law degree who has an encyclopedic knowledge of health law and policy and who can help you with any concerns you have.

And remember, you didn’t get to the size you are instantly, it was a very gradual thing, and so it won’t come off quickly either, remember that.

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