Master of Business Administration, or MBA as it is popularly known is one of the hottest career options for students today with demand for qualified graduates reaching an all-time high in the country.  A highly popular post graduate program, MBA is a professional degree which prepares aspirants for mid and senior level management positions in both private and public sector organizations. We often keep hearing about incredible salaries being offered to fresh graduates of top business schools by big corporations operating in a myriad number of sectors. A post graduate management degree as such is often seen as a golden ticket to a high flying career in both India and abroad.

Top MBA Schools Offer Modern and Market Oriented Education

The salaries offered are astronomical, good career progression is assured and the job satisfaction is guaranteed. In an economic environment marked by tepid economic growth and rampant unemployment, it is a degree which offers you both high financial rewards and a secure career. Under such win-win situation, the reason for this degree’s huge popularity is self-explanatory.

Before you start thinking that it is all milk and honey and start dreaming of a utopian world post your MBA, it is important to remind you that obtaining an MBA degree from a well-established institute is not one of the easiest things in the world to accomplish.  An MBA is a serious investment of time and money along with other critical resources. The MBA application process, the point where you finally decide to take a deep plunge into the unknown as such should be done after careful deliberations and taking vital parameters into account.

First and foremost you need to understand and understand it well that MBA admission in Jaipur or for that matter admission anywhere in a top level institute is not going to be a cakewalk for you. With every year lakhs of students taking important management competitive entrance tests like CAT and MAT, for few thousands seats in best management institutes in the country combined, you will realise that you have to be better than the best to gain admission in highly prestigious MBA and related program of best in class business schools in India. You have to study with utmost sincerity and self-discipline to do well in management entrance tests.

Majority of the business schools in India accept scores of either CAT or MAT for admission to their post graduate program in management. There are, however, few good institutes who accept the score of both CAT and MAT entrance tests. Doing well in entrance tests, however, is only half the job done as admission to an MBA program is usually a three stage process with group discussion( GD) and personal interview(PI) thrown in for added measure to assess a student’s ability to successfully complete the rigorous MBA program. What it means is that apart from working for the tests, you will also have to hone your communication and convincing skills to do well in GD and PI.

On the contrary, admission in a low quality management institute is extremely easy. Inferior quality business schools are just in the market to make some easy money and they are more than willing to offer admission to anybody and everybody who is willing to pay their astronomical tuition fee. You need to be extremely cautious and avoid these bottom rung institutes like the plague. These institutes offer a degree which is of little or no value in the job market. Subsequently the ROI generated is extremely low making it unbelievingly tough for students to recover their high cost of enrolling in an MBA program.

On the other hand MBA course in Jaipur or anywhere else followed by an eminent business school is a judicious mix of theory and practical. Relevant and modern, the curriculum of these top rated business schools equip students with knowledge and skill sets to help them perform optimally in a highly complex international business setting.