One of few words that are googled is ‘Paranormal activities’. When talking about supernatural activities, India always comes up in the minds of the people. India is a country full of diversing cultures, people, religions and also superstitions. India is very well known in the world for its paranormal activities. Some of the stories are believable, some are not, some are false, and some are true. But most haunted stories in India are believed to be true and have been mesmerizing people since centuries.

An individual often gets to hear various ghost stories, reports, incidents and myths in India. The incidents can be of hill stations, railway stations, historical forts, hotels, etc. When talking about railways stations, there are so many haunted stories related to railways stations. Most of these stories are of abandoned stations or Haunted railway stations or ghost trains. One of the most famous railway station stories is the story of ‘The Haunted Railway Station of Begunkodor’.

One Of The Most Haunted Stories That Will Give You Goosebumps

The Haunted Railway Station of Begunkodor

One interesting fact about the history of the railways is that there have been many incidents that have taken place because of many legends and myths. When one thinks of railway stations and its stories, the only thing that comes in the mind is natural death, suicides and accidents.

One of the most Haunted stories in India which affected the lives of the middle class locals in Begunkodor was the story of the haunted railway station. In the Purulia district, West Bengal about 46kms, Begunkodor is situated. The village has a railways station which has been haunted for about 42 years nearly from 1967-2009.

According to the villagers, in 1967, one of the railway employees had died after seeing a female draped in a white sari. After this incident, all the employees of the railway station got terrified and scared and abandoned the railway station. Though the chairman of the Parliament’s standing committee of railways argued that the staff and employees of that railway station made up this story in order to avoid getting posted in a remote, isolated location.

In 2009, the railway station was reopened again. This was like a huge celebration for the locals out there. It is still believed by some that there are some paranormal activities that take place in the railway station. Some locals have experienced certain things and some have done. Some believe and some don’t. Well, that’s the thing about Indian haunted stories!. To read more Rahasyamayi baate in Hindi and other haunted stories and real life stories visit Rashayamaya.

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