With the ever increasing population of India, the number of patients and different diseases is also increasing. With the increase in population, the number of hospitals, and healthcare providers is also increasing. But it is just correct to rely on every doctor or healthcare provider. To identify whether you should anticipate on the doctor, there is a standard in our country called NABH, or National Accreditation Board of Hospitals. National Accreditation Board of Hospitals is an integral group of the Quality Council of India. NABH or National Accreditation Board of Hospitals was set up in the year of 2006 in order to initiate and administer the accreditation Program me for healthcare organizations. National Accreditation Board of Hospitals have outlined a comprehensive healthcare standard for healthcare providers, and hospitals.

The very 1st hospital to be accredited by NABH was MIMS- Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences, Kerala. MIMS received the NABH Accreditation in the year of 2007. NABH Accreditation has helped in improving the standards of the services provided by the hospitals and in developing a sense of confidence among the patients, doctors, and hospitals. As of now, more than Indian hospitals have been accredited by NABH. Now you must be thinking that why NABH Accreditation so important is. Well, no need to worry as we heading towards the importance of NABH Accreditation.

Why is NABH Accreditation important?

NABH Accreditation is important for everyone involved in the process. Right from the patients to the doctors, and the hospitals everyone is to be benefitted. The patients are benefitted as the hospitals that have been accredited by NABH will provide them with the best of care and safety. While, on the other hand doctors and the hospitals are to be benefitted in the way that more patients will prefer them because they’d believe that they would be given primal care and service. Not only this, NABH Accreditation also would preserve the rights of the patients. It just develops a sense of community belief and confidence in the amenities delivered by the hospital.

But the NABH Accreditation is not a single step procedure, it also includes NABH Training. The process of NABH Training is cited below.

Process of NABH Training

The NABH Training basically includes 3 important steps. These have been listed below-

  1. Interactive/Education Workshop
  2. 1-Day Awareness Program me

3.Training Program me on Execution

If you are looking forward to get your hospital, or healthcare center to get accredited by NABH, you can take help from various NABH Consultants. If you do not how NABH Consultants can help, have a look at the following section.

How NABH Consultants can Help you?

There are a number of NABH Consultants available that are happy to help you. They provide NABH consultancy in hospitals, dental facilities, wellness centers, blood banks, medical imaging services, Ayes’ Hospitals, and small healthcare organizations. These consultants provide guidance in building, and reviewing documentation. They help you with each and every step involved in the NABH Accreditation, as well as the training process.

There are various benefits you can enjoy once you have got your hospital, or healthcare center accredited by NABH. If you find any difficulty in doing that, you can opt for consulting any of the good consultants available. Apply for NABH Accreditation today, and savor the benefits right away.

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