Having wrinkles and creases on your forehead is very stressing and can lead to loss of confidence and self-esteem. The lines are more noticeable and disgusting, and everybody thinks that you have started the aging process. There are number of factors that lead to formation of creases on your forehead. However, there are natural remedies like lifestyle practices, healthy diet and taking good care of your skin. These remedies helps to prevent your forehead from getting creases and eliminate the already formed wrinkles. Below are the possible causes of wrinkles on your forehead and the remedies to eliminate them and prevent future occurrence.


Aging is an inevitable natural process which starts at around 25 years of age. Your skin starts to produce less elastin and collagen molecules, making it to lose the skin elasticity and become loose. This results in formation of thin and fine lines on your skin. Stress also accelerates the process of aging. However taking care of your skin by using high quality and potent skin care product helps to prevent your skin from aging process. It also helps to reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging.

Exposure To Sun And Harsh Environment

Undue exposure of your skin on harsh environment makes your skin weary and vulnerable. This increases the risk of damage by harmful sun radiations and free radicals found in the environment. This results to formation of fine lines and creases on your forehead. To avoid the risk of your skin being damaged by the harsh environment, apply a skin care product with antioxidants properties and wear sunscreens when going out on the sun.


This is a natural act which is transferable between family members. Some individual inherit genes from their family making them look younger for long without the appearance of aging signs on their skin. Others may start experiencing aging signs at an early age depending on the inheritance. Experts have been researching on how to get rid of forehead lines caused through inheritance, but no remedies are yet found to solve this cause of wrinkles on your forehead.

Facial Expression

There are some of facial expressions that can lead to formation of fine lines and creases on your face, when done repeatedly. Some of these expressions includes smiling, scowl and frown. To avoid this cause of wrinkles on your forehead, avoid the above facial expression for a prolonged period of time.

Getting Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles

Here are the tips on how to get rid of forehead lines regardless of the possible cause.

  • Intake of a healthy balanced diet helps to improve your skin immunity and provide essential nourishment for a radiant and smooth skin. Some of the diet that helps to improve the appearance of your skin includes whole grains, green vegetables and fresh fruits.
  • Avoid refined food which contains preservatives and eat organic foods. This helps to minimize impurities and toxins that gains entry in your body and accelerate the process of aging.
  • Ensure your skin is well hydrated by increasing intake of water. This makes your skin to fill and plump out thus eliminating fine lines
  • Always wear protective gears when going outdoors to avoid exposing your skin to harsh environment. You can apply a gentle sunscreen lotion and wear a hat and sunshades when going out on the sun.
  • Incorporate skincare products which helps to boost elastin and collagen on your daily skin routine.
  • Meditate to reduce stress, which is the major cause of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.


It is everyone’s greatest desire to have a flawless skin with that gorgeous look. Appearance of fine lines or creases on your forehead makes you lose confidence and effortlessly look for the possible means to eliminate them. There are so many causes of fine lines on your forehead and taking proper care of your skin can reduce their appearance and make your skin free from imperfections. You don’t need to go for expensive and painful procedures for you to eliminate the creases on your face. A change in lifestyle and application of high quality skin care product on your skin can help make your skin smooth and more vibrant.

The major cause of wrinkles on your forehead is the aging process. This can be avoided by keeping your skin well hydrated, practicing healthy dieting and using skin care products that helps to boost the level of elastin and collagen on your skin. People think that aging process is the only cause of wrinkles on your forehead, but other factors like facial expression, stress, dehydration, heredity and sun exposure can make you have lines on your forehead. There are various methods to help you eliminate wrinkles from your forehead, regardless of the primary cause.

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