CompTIA is a certificate provider agency that has been in operations since 1982. The certifications provided by CompTIA are respected world over because they require expert knowledge in every aspect of the subject under consideration. The Creating IT Futures Foundation is the philanthropic wing of the organization that actively works towards the training and certification of financially restrained students and adults. CompTIA has worked very hard by maintaining high standards of its certifications and thus it is the choice of certifying bodies all over the world. None of the Comptia Project Certification and documents is easy to require and needs expert level skills to get one of them. The Project+ certification is one of them.

Competence and Skill of the Comptia Manager

The Project+ certificate is the validation of the specialized skills required to be a competent project manager. The ability to create, administrate and successfully run a project or any business initiative is tested for the successful acquisition of the Project+ certificate. The PMP certificate by the Project Management Institute is the gold standard for Project Managers as it requires a certain level of documented experience in the field. Plus it requires the individual to completed a highly detailed exam and successfully complete it as well.

Strength of the Project Certification

The Gartner Group initiated the Project+ Certification and sold it off to CompTIA so that it could focus on other strengths. CompTIA has re-engineered the exam by including more areas of expertise. One of the greatest changes made is the merger of IT topics with the Project Management topics. The reason CompTIA has done so is to enable the Project Management professionals to effectively handle the varied IT projects that are coming up each day. Along with the traditional Project management principles, this certification requires the correct and effective working knowledge of the various IT topics as well.

Recognition of the Comptia Certificate

The certificate is starting to gain recognition all over the world as an effective Project Management Certification. Many organizations such as Novell have made it mandatory for some of its certifications while others are considering including it in their certifications as well. This certificate is good-for-life as this certifies the knowledge that is not going to be out-dated.

Domain of Knowledge and Expertise

The domains or the core knowledge areas that are tested in the latest version of the Project+ Certification Exam along with the percentile of marks are as follows:

Pre-Project Setup/Initiation –                                              12%.

  • Project Planning –                                              29%.
  • Project Execution and Delivery –                                              23%.
  • Change Control and Communication –                                              27%.
  • Project Closure –                                              09%.

Topics Considered by the Experts

There are many topics covered by each of the above listed domains and upon successfully clearing the exam, one is considered an expert in each and every topic. This is great choice for the IT professional who wishes to understand the various aspects of Project Management. For those professionals, whether in IT or other disciplines, this is a great place to begin their Project Management Career. It is also advised for students who wish to start on the Project Management career path. Project Management is an interesting field of study and the professionals in this discipline are in high demand as they know how to achieve their targets with the predetermined resources. Thus the Comptia Project Certification Certification Paris  is the choice for beginners in the field of Project Managem