You may be wondering exactly what I’m trying to get at here, but you will find it interesting believe me. Bill Gates is the chief executive of the well known Microsoft company and he has a net worth of 67 billion! Wow, I sure would like to be his friend. Not only is he classed as the richest man in the world but he also has one of the most technologically advanced houses ever. This master piece took 7 years to build and it cost a big whopping $63 million for all the ins and outs. Here we will take a look at the extravagant technology incorporated in making this home so freaking awesome.

bill gates residence

The Building

Bill Gates home is designed in a lodge style. The property features an estate-wide server system and 60 ft swimming pool with an underwater speaker system. A 2,500 sq ft gym a 1000 sq ft dining room and heated floors and driveway. Wow! I will let you digest all that information before I tell you all about the great technology used to make this home 100% functional. His home is also eco friendly as it has earth sheltering. This basically means that earth is used to build external walls for thermal mass, this helps to reduce heat loss and maintain a steady indoor temperature.

The Features

Now we are getting to the exciting part. Here are 10 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about Bill Gates home.

  • When a guest comes to Bill Gates house they are each handed a pin that interacts with sensors in each individual room in his home. This pin allows guests to feel at complete ease within his home as it reacts to their exact preferences. For example, if you like a certain music track then when you walk into a room, boom, your favorite song will come on. This also applies to the temperature you like and also which type of lighting you prefer. You will for sure feel like home if you were here!
  • The total cost of tax on Bill’s house is $1m…
  • The house has a trampoline room which contains a 20 foot ceiling.
  • Speakers are hidden beneath the wallpaper and paintings to allow the music to follow you from room to room.
  • He has an elevator in his home, so if you have had a long day and don’t feel like walking up the stairs then voila you can jump straight on his elevator!
  • He has 24 bathrooms, of which 10 of them contain bathtubs.
  • His home contains a pivoting car garage which can hold up to 23 vehicles at one time.
  • If you feel like seeing one of your favorite pictures whilst having an afternoon drink then you can request to see it on one of the many computer screens spread across the house. The entire TV system is run by computer systems which cost well over $150,000.
  • His 2,300 sq ft reception hall can seat up to 150 people at a time, 200 if they are standing.
  • His swimming pool hosts an underwater music system.

Bill Gates futuristic home is surely one I would like to visit (in my dreams). His automatic home makes his house one of the most talked about homes in the world. One last fact is that Bill Gates mansion is located in the side of a hill which is located overlooks Lake washington in Medina washington. You can actually even view Bill Gates house on google maps, go ahead take a look for yourself!

Bio: Can you imagine the data swinging around the Gates home? It would be immense! The data going to and from the keychange alone would be impressive, I wonder if he backs up? Haha. It’s like his own personal data centre, just like

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