Iraq is one of those countries where disputes don’t seem to come to an end. First America bombarded the place for search of Saddam Hussain and now the people are fighting amongst themselves. The conflict doesn’t seem to come to an end, going by the figures 989 people were killed in Iraq in July 2013. The death tolls are highest since the April of 2008 which was the deadliest month till now.
Iraq-attackThere are a huge number of casualties, ranging from children, women and old, aged people. 1,567 people have been wounded in the July of 2013, most of them being civilians. Statistics say that 1356 civilians along with 122 police and 89 soldiers have been injured during the one month span. The death counts reveal that amongst the 989 dead 778 were civilians, 88 were police, 55 were soldiers while 68 were insurgents.
As compared to the April of 2008 where 966 civilians along with 355 insurgents, 69 police and 35 soldiers died, the count is much higher. 15 people including the Sahwa- anti Al Qaeda  fighters, died alone of Wednesday. The men armed with guns killed 3 of the Sahwa militiamen while one of the men was wounded. All of this took place in Kirkuk, a northern province in Iraq.
Sunni Muslim believe that the Sahwa are a group of traitors, who supported the US military in order to change the ongoing problems if Iraq. The Sahwa is strictly against insurgency and therefore was backed by the US army whom the Sunni Muslims look upon as enemies.
Gunmen have mostly targeted the Sahwa fighters. In the Northeast of Baqbua, two people were shot down by armed men, the Sahwa fighters operate from this area. Seven people were shot dead while 8 were wounded in Baghdad. In Tirkit a car bomb lead to the killing of 5 people. A soldier was killed in a suicide bomb attack in Abu Gharib, there were four casualties in this attack.
According to the analysts, the unrest caused by the discontented Sunni Muslims is the reason for the civil conflicts in the country. Even though the country has a history of attacks on it, the month of July ’13 has put an end to most number of lives since April 2008.
Sunnis on the other hand accuse the Shiite-led government which apparently is targeting the Sunni community. The Sunni’s blame the government for marginalizing them, by arbitrarily arresting and accusing them falsely. The community mourns the arresting of young men, who allegedly have no fault and are targeted for no reason and are blamed with charges of terrorism.
The Sunni community is protesting against the government, since they are apparently going through a lot hardship in the country. The major cause of unrest is the security problem which the government is not being able to provide with.  No major legislations have been passed by the government this year, probably because it has been crippled by the political squabble. Major necessities such as electricity, clean water, etc is not available to people. Plus the widespread terrorism and corruption is adding to their woes.

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