It has often been seen that elderly people who live alone face a lot of problems taking care of their health by themselves. In order to combat that problem a Vancouver based company has come up with a wonder product known as Claris Companion. This is will act like a boon for aged men and women who are not very well acquainted with the changing technology. Computers can sometimes be difficult to operate, Claris Companion is a simple, easy to use and hassle free device, it has been designed very carefully keeping in mind the needs of the senior members of the society.
Claris CompanionIt is a tablet which if different from the traditional ones available in the market. The user friendly interface is straightforward and does not pose a problem in front of the user. The device has a 10-inch touchscreen encased in a bamboo cover, and looks somewhat like a traditional photo frame. The best part about this piece of wonder is that the settings are pre-installed and the users do not have to strain their brains while using it.
The device allows the users to connect with their loved ones, in case something goes wrong, the user can send alerts to notify any urgency. The user can set reminders on the gadget so that they remember when to take their medicines, and other drugs. They can also communicate with their family and other loved ones through it.
Claris companion allows its user to send e-mails, photos and text messages. Soon video conferencing will be added to this list. In case of an emergency situation, the user can use the pre-installed “call me” button in order to inform others to calls them.
The device has no buttons; all the commands are available on the touchscreen. The manufacturers claim that all the devices shipped will be ready to use, with the settings properly synchronized. In this fast paced world where the young are running way ahead and the old are miles behind them, this gadget is a boon for those who want to stay in touch with their loved ones and move ahead with the changing times.
The product supports Wi-Fi as well, wireless techniques create much less hassles for the users. The pricing is as follows: the Wi-Fi model is priced at $549 along with a $39 single month subscription fees. Another model will be launched very soon, which will support 4G and is slated to be priced around $649, plus $49 subscription fee for a month.
Interested people can visit the website to know more about Claris Companion and how does it work.  Ageing people can manage their health issues themselves with this wonderful gadget, which includes exercise programs, wellness surveys, with treatment and medication management. It can be used by people who do not use computers regularly, so there is no such problem that the user might find it confusing to use.  And another plus is that it is free from advertisements and the like.  The company also provides with technical support in case of any problem.

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