People with different medical histories and metabolisms have to vary their dosages according to their systems. This is so because the use of steroid has different tolerance level in each individual. Hence the cycle of each person is unique and there is no standard of genre cycles as such.

Right Dosage Of Clen

Types of Cycles

There are three kinds of cycles that are known such as the Burst cycle, here in this cycle you take large doses and alternatively lay off on the drug for the same period once again consume aggressively on the start of the next cycle, but this is harmful for the beginner who hasn’t a history of steroid intake and make effect the system. This method does not guarantee maximum results that you so desired. The next kind of Klenbuterol cycle is called the Common cycle and you will definitely find many takers for this kind of cycle. Here a steady dosage is taken for a period of 7 days and you lay off the drug for seven days and let your body get used to the effect and carry on the next schedule of the cycle in the same way. The third cycle, as the name suggests Incremental cycle, you take low doses initially and slowing increases it without taking a break. This way you won’t take your body off guard when you do high dosages. Here the benefits are the nasty side effects are minimal. The above two methods allow the body to rest and flush out the drug from the system and give the body break before resuming the next cycle.

Side Effects of Clenbuterol

Every drug has pros and cons, though some are severe some less. The use and abuse have to be in mind as constant usage and the amount taken into the body, the authenticity of the medicine procured, body type and the ailments the body previously had before, the diet, exercise and most important of all whether you are addicted to the drug.

Many side effects are listed and not all of them may occur to the same person and perhaps not together. Headaches, cramps, palpitations, nausea, insomnia, hypertension, sweating, increased appetite, nervousness, muscular tremors and possible cardiac hypertrophy.

Usually these can be subsided by ephedrine tablets, coffee or other caffeinated drinks, aspirin to relieve some of the above mentioned side effects. Muscular cramps can be relieved by a dosage of taurine, with adequate amount of liquid intake, consuming bananas as they have high potassium content will reliever the stomach cramps and not harmless liver. The headaches can be relieved by the take of aspirin or caffeine.

In this new age clen cycle is the new buzz mantra for that perfect ten.

Results of Clen

It hits the right areas of fat deposition especially the abdomen. It releases the hormone adrenaline into the blood, which gives us the extra strength to our muscles and finally it expands the arteries which allows extra flow of blood to the muscles, thus expanding them and allowing their growth.