Above other rooms in your home, you should make your bedroom as your sanctuary. After a long and tiresome day from work, your bedroom is the place in your house where you can slump down on top of a comfortable and fluffy mattress and rest in a dreamy atmosphere.

Nowadays, however, bedrooms have evolved from a sleeping zone into a multi-functional room. For instance, it has become a work-cum-reading area where you need an adequate lighting for a set of activities. Thus, lighting a bedroom has also become a little bit tricky.

It can only be easy if you break down the process. For example, you should consider what type of lighting you need, its functionality to a bedroom space, as well as the style you want. For you to choose the right bedroom lighting, you should consider these tips.

Consider the Style of Your Bedroom

The lighting you want should complement the style of your bedroom. Thus, you should consider the look you are trying to achieve, and bring it on through your lighting.

For example, you should pay attention to the color scheme of your bedroom because lighting will have a significant impact on how you perceive this particular color will bring out. Bedrooms with bright colors should need less light than darker ones. You should also take into account letting in natural light in this case.

Consider the Type of Lighting You Need

You should think of the type of lighting you want for your bedroom. Here are various types of light source you can consider for your slumber zone.

Get Classic with Bedside Lamps

One of the essential points of planning your bedroom lighting is the bedside lighting. Bedside lights are not only an excellent light source, but it is also a fun and unique decor to your bedroom.

Table lamps on top your nightstand or bedside tables is a classic option that gives a sense of balance and harmony to your slumber area.

Provide Radiance with Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are a perfect choice if you want to cast an even glow around your entire bedroom area. It is an excellent light source in doing everyday tasks such as dressing, maintaining, and putting away your laundry.

When choosing a ceiling light, opt for light-colored-shade with a low-watt bulb to avoid too much harsh light when sleeping.

Get Romantic with Dimmer Lights

Soft accent lighting is the way to go if you want to create a romantic ambiance or a calm and relaxed atmosphere for your bedroom. As such, you will need lights that have dimmer switch to accommodate different bedroom settings. But strings of fairy lights and a bunch of modern electric candles work just as well.

Job Well Done with Task Lights

If you have a bedroom-slash-home-office-slash-dressing-room, a well-placed task lighting is all you need.

For instance, a directional table lamp is an excellent choice for a workspace, while a wall sconce or a floor lamp near a mirror is perfect for doing your make-up or blow drying your hair.

If you’re a bookworm, it is great that you have lighting that strikes a balance between a relaxing glow and adequate brightness to avoid impairment of vision. For example, adjustable reading lamps can let you stay the night reading while not disturbing your bedroom partner. For high-quality reading lamps, you can browse sites like LampTwist.


Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom is essential. Aside from a place for relaxation, bedroom nowadays has become a multi-functional living area. We not only take our sleep in it, but we do a set of activities such as working and reading. Thus, it is crucial that you learn the tips and the various types of light for your bedroom.

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