When you think about having a cup of tea, you most likely think of those little tea bags that come wrapped in paper. Indeed, these tea bags are one of the most popular means that tea is consumed in the Europe and the USA.
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Boxes of these tea bags are nearly ubiquitous in the coffee and tea aisle of the super market. Certainly, tea bags are extremely convenient; they are just not the best means to serve naturally flavorful whole-leaf tea. Akin to having instant coffee, tea bags come with some disadvantages as well when compared to the whole tea leaves.
Below are the top reasons as why the whole leaf tea is recommended by aficionadas all around the globe.
Loose Leaf Tea Is More Natural
Loose leaf tea is one of the most natural forms of the plant. What basically comes in a teabag has components that have been overly processed. Take a look in the teabag and you will be amazed to know what you see there. You will find bitty bits of tea dust and tea leaves instead of the striking whole leaves that your teacup actually deserves. All those bitty bits do not have the genuine essential oils and natural advantages that the loose leaf tea plant does. As a matter of fact, it is often hard to tell only what those pieces of debris are!
So when you opt for loose leaf tea, you are basically choosing the one that is not overly processed and is closer to the nature.
Health Advantages
As loose leaf tea is free of all the tea dust and fannings, it offers you numerous health benefits from every steaming cup. There is a lot more leafy surface area that comes with whole leaves than in a teabag, so the leaf has retained its essential oils and natural health related benefits.
More loose leaf means you will have more benefits. Some health benefits that you are going to have by consuming loose leaf tea are ease in weight loss, a younger looking skin and boost to your immune system.
Amazing Flavors
As there is a lot more leaf to steep, more loose leaf also means you have more flavors. In addition, loose leaves have not been processed, so they are not dusty, old or expired. Most of the tea that is made available in the teabags has been on the shelves for quite long where they are being overly processed, packed, then shipped and then put on the shelf. Tea does not stay fresh for long. Loose leaf tea is fresh and far more favorable.

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