Most would be mothers are waiting for the first flutter to be reassured of their pregnancy. Some of them even go on to note it down in their pregnancy organizer book. This does showcase the fact that the baby is alive and thriving. Somewhere between 16 to 24 weeks the mothers are known to face the first baby movements. In case of the new born mothers it could be 25 weeks whereas in case of first time mothers it is around 18 weeks to be precise.

Why Kicks Count During Pregnancy

Why baby kicks during pregnancy are important?

There is no need to panic if you are not feeling the kicks of the baby. For some weeks it would be difficult to distinguish between gas and the real big thing. In the days to come you will notice a pattern. You are likely to become familiar with the sleeping along with wake up cycles of your baby and find out what time of the day they are more active the time which triggers activity.

If you are attentive to the movements of your baby you are likely to notice significant changes as well. If you set aside a particular time of the day when the baby is more active and this is by counting kicks you can prevent any form of still birth. This is suggested for high risk pregnancies and counting at 28 weeks will be all the more beneficial as well.

Try to cash in on these movements

Mothers are of the opinion that a baby is active when they eat something hot or cold. This could also be during intense physical activity. It is also observed that the baby is more active in the mid hours of the morning as the sugar levels are declining.

If you take time to count the kicks of the baby it is going to help you to rest whereby you can also develop an emotional connect with the baby. You can start this process by finding a position which is comfortable for you and the baby tends to be more active. In case of some mothers they prefer a sitting position where their arms rest on the bellies. In case of some mothers they do prefer to be lying on the left side as they find that this is the apt position for monitoring babies. If you are lying on the left side it adds to more blood circulation which does indicate that the baby is more active.

How to count the movements of your baby?

There are various methods where you can go on to count the kicks of the baby. In an ideal situation the time frame to feel 10 kicks of the baby is rated to be the most important. It should be felt within 2 hours. Please keep a notebook handy and note down the movements. You can figure out the patterns and find out on how long it takes to feel 10 movements as well. Just be aware that you are looking for deviations from the normal.