Those who drive long distances frequently understand the importance of keeping one’s eyes open for 18-wheelers as they drive down the road. While commercial truckers are among the safest, most experienced drivers on the road, they also have to maneuver large, dangerous vehicles that can easily wreak havoc on the roadway.

Watch the Blind Spots

When driving down the highway, it is important to ensure that you allow semi-trucks more room to maneuver. As large, heavy vehicles, trucks are more difficult to maneuver and have less visibility, especially on their right hand side. To minimize the likelihood of a truck accident, always pass trucks on the left and stay out of their blind spots. Remember that if you cannot see a truck’s mirrors, the truck driver cannot see you.

Be Extra Cautious on Steep Hills

Large trucks have less ability to stop than the average motor vehicle – a loaded truck may require twice as much distance to come to a complete stop on a flat surface! On hills, it becomes very important to be aware of adjacent trucks and not cause them to brake unnecessarily, as they can lose control if their brakes become too hot. If this happens, trucks will be forced to use adjacent runaway truck ramps, if they exist, or will have to coast to the bottom of the hill until they can safely stop. If you see an out of control truck in your rearview mirror, pull over to the side of the road to provide it with as much space as possible to maneuver.

Windy Conditions

Anybody who has ever driven down a freeway in the Great Plains can tell you about trucks that they have seen overturned in the ditch due to windy conditions. Particularly if the trucker is carrying a light load of cargo, they may be susceptible to tipping over in high winds. Trucks are naturally more top-heavy, and an unloaded trailer may have little weight and be difficult for truckers to maneuver. Drivers should stay behind trucks in heavy winds in order to minimize the risk of a truck accident.

Watch out in icy conditions, too.

Paying close attention to 18-wheelers on the road can save you and your passengers’ lives. While it is important to always drive defensively and be aware of what is happening on the road around you, 18-wheelers can be especially unpredictable to drivers of regular cars, and special attention should be paid to them when they are present.

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