You wouldn’t like to leave no stone unturned on the momentous occasion of your marriage, would you? It is the same for every one. Try as hard they might, people tend to splurge on their wedding, no matter how hard they try to plan an Indian wedding on a shoestring. However, you cannot blame people for wanting to be extravagant on their wedding day. The sad part is that most Indian families go into debt once they finish marrying off their kids. It is indeed sad to note that most couples start their life together under this black cloud. So break-free, and plan an Indian wedding that will most likely be well within your budget and your parent’s too.

Planning An Indian Wedding On A Shoestring

Most people are so concerned about showing off their “assets” during the wedding ceremony that they are willing to go through any sacrifice. They would like to adorn their daughters with the most beautiful diamonds and other jewellery even if they cannot afford it and gift their sons-in-law with luxury cars and palatial flats in metros. So when you are planning an Indian wedding for your daughter make sure you choose a groom whose family is on the same social inclination as yours. This way you don’t have to feel lower than the groom’s family, and you don’t have to break the bank or go into debt to make the Indian wedding extravagant. You can easily look for educated and well-placed grooms in matrimony sites. If you are looking for a suitable groom for your daughter, you can look up Vysya Matrimony. With their user-friendly options and never ending profiles of suitable grooms, you will definitely find a loving husband for your daughter.

Here are some tips that will help make the Indian wedding budget-friendly:

Email Invitations and Social Media Invitations

A lot of hard cash go into preparing invitation cards. Not to speak of the postal charges. These days, most people have email addresses and FB accounts. You can conjure a DIY Indian wedding invite and send classy e-invitations to your guests.

Toning the Guest List

Though it might sound a bit cruel and harsh, you need to prioritize the guests on the list. Invite people who truly care about you. Don’t invite people just because you have some sort of acquaintance with them. Cut down the excess and you can save a fortune.

Limiting the Decor

Sure, you need to decorate the venue, but make sure you go for seasonal flowers for the Indian wedding. Avoid fancy flowers and exorbitant lighting if you don’t want to fire up the bill.  The focus will be on the bride and the groom and the events planned therein, so limit the decor and control your expense.

Planning An Indian Wedding On A Shoestring

Photographers and Packages

There are photographers who offer package rates to cover the entire wedding ceremony, including the pre-wedding rituals. You can compare rates, check their portfolios and interview them before hiring. Many photographers offer discounts too.

A Hindi wedding is thus a joyous moment where the families concerned wish to create earthly extravagances to brighten the couple’s day. The ornate setting, decorations, and sumptuous food add to the memories making the Indian wedding an event that is long cherished and fondly remembered.

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