A house’s windows go a long way to being what sets apart its interior and exterior looks. This is why people looking to buy new houses or repair old ones tend to pay special attention to the type of windows they buy. One of the most popular choices of windows is Harp Windows High Wycombe. While there are a lot of other types of windows out there in the market, there are a few unique features of harp windows that set them apart and make them the best choice for your house. Here they are below.

Casing and Finish

The casing of the windows is typically either aluminium or poly vinyl chloride (PVC). This ensures that the casing remains free from corrosion and other environmental fatigue throughout the time you use it. Also, Harp Windows is an approved installer of timber-effect windows. These are hand finished high end windows that are made to look like they’re wood, which gives them a certain elegance, but are actually not, which saves them from quick depreciation.

Why Harp Window Are Best Choice For Your House?

Large and Effective Dimensions

The dimensions of the frame are either seventy millimetres or more in depth and about three millimetres in thickness of the wall. This entire frame is them reinforced with aluminium for increased thermal insulation and sound proofing. These reinforcements also include bay poles designed to bear extreme loads. The poles typically manage to hold about six tons of workload each.

Internal Glazing

Every window is internally glazed as well as externally. The double glazing prevents from inside heat to escape while keeping outside cold from entering. This not only makes your house comfortable in cold or warm weather, but prevents the need to spend excessive amounts of energy on heating or cooling. The internal glazing also ensures that potential thieves and robbers cannot remove the glazing from outside. The glass thickness is about 28mm, which is pretty thick for house windows.

Inbuilt Drainage

The drainage system that is built within the windows prevents water from accumulating inside the windowpanes during moist or cold weather the water would simply flow down the sides of the window and be discarded through a channel outside. As you can see, the design of the windows is state of the art and effective, keeping in mind every feature that a window ought to take care of.

Efficient Locking

It is important for home windows to have efficient locking mechanisms, and Harp Windows have locking in seven different places around the frame. There are claw locks and locking wedges that make the windows impossible to open from outside in the event of burglary. The makers of the window have left no stone unturned in keeping up its security factor while being mindful of its comfort factor and durability.

These are only few of the points that make harp windows the popular choice for windows that they are in Wycombe. Make sure to consider Harp Windows High Wycombe if you’re looking for windows for your house.

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