Fashion food and lifestyle are a status symbol of the affluent. Keeping track of the fashion dos and don’ts is imperative for fashionistas all across the globe. Innumerable fashion shows are held these days which display the abundant talent of new designers who have cutting-edge designs which can be both contemporary and traditional.
Chef Rudolfo JaneoThe fashion weeks successfully showcase the upcoming designs when it comes to garments and accessories. Lifestyle related magazines have always featured the best designs to keep all the pretty ladies well informed about the upcoming trends and styles. These fashion weeks are not just about clothes shoes and accessories, it about the entire look. The look makes or breaks the deal for the fashionable women across the globe; the make up, the poise, the demeanor all are catered to in the fashion shows and fashion weeks these days. They are a complete style guide for those who can’t live without donning the latest trends, season after season.
ABS-CBN international’s new channel was recently launched and was welcomed by a number of designers, models and chefs. Since it is a lifestyle channel, it was impossible to miss out the various designers and chefs who were there at the launch. A number of celebrities thronged the launch, where many designers showcased their talents.
The show began with a fashion show by Project Runway’s Jay Sario exhibiting his “night owl” collection. Another designer Alexis Monsanto, who is a renowned name in Hollywood, displayed his exquisite collection named “Holiday Resort Collection’14”. His collection was inspired by romanticism and was all about opulence, class and elegance of the attires. Long flowy gowns, softer pastel shades and different classic designs sealed the deal for the designer. All the designs showcased in the fashion show were praised by the guests present there.
Another thing that shone throughout the event was the food. Chefs from different parts of the world created some top-notch dishes. Food and lifestyle is the main agenda of the channel, therefore, the food had to be showcased well. Filipino-American designers and chefs were to be found everywhere during the event.
Designer accessories were also exhibited during the launch. Headpieces which were elegant, delicate yet strikingly beautiful were showcased by designer Carlyn Nuyda Calloway. Top model from all parts of the world were present in the launch. Another fashion show displayed beautiful handbags and minaudières designed by upcoming names in the fashion world.
Chef Rudolfo Janeo was present at the event and so was Chef  Lem Balagot. The show was sponsored by colossal names in the fashion and lifestyle world. Some of the sponsors were VuQo, Petoni, LA Colors, Standing Sun Wines, Phyto Paris, Lierac Paris, Sweet 9 etc. the show was a hit with all its guests giving their best wishes to the newly inaugurated channel. Lifestyle New York is available to the people on channel 691 in San Diego, Oceanic Warner Channel 683 in Hawaii, and Time Warner Channel 683 in Los Angeles.

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