Development of the fetus in the uterus is the beginning of this journey called pregnancy. A woman can have a multiple pregnancy or carry more than one fetus in her uterus. Generally in case of twins a woman may suffer from a multiple pregnancy. After conception, it takes around 38 weeks to give birth. It is a natural process of human being. Almost all the mammalian species observe pregnancy in their life cycle for reproduction. Human pregnancy is most discussed. The conception is something that can be achieved by intercourse or some other sexual reproduction technologies.

Pregnancy – The Journey Towards Motherhood


After conception an offspring starts developing in the uterus of women. This is nothing but embryo or fetus. There are different stages of pregnancy. The stages are divided as per convenience during the next 38 weeks. There is a phase where a natural death of the fetus is possible. If it survives then in the next phase the development of fetus needs to be monitored and this is one of the most important phases. In the last phase is the phase where the doctor studies all the possibilities to keep the fetus live outside the uterus.

Facts And Figure

There are several reports of unwanted pregnancies. If we churn the data, then we can observe that around 40% pregnancies are unplanned and among them around 15% are unwanted. Most of those mothers who do not want to give birth to the child they try birth control procedures during the first month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Facts

The Following Points Can Be Used As Myth Buster As Well

  • A normal pregnancy will last for at least 38 to 40 weeks and it is divided into three trimesters.
  • There are symptoms that may suggest pregnancy and they are like an absence of menstrual period, changes in the breasts, tiredness, nausea and mood swings etc.
  • Absence of menstrual cycle, mood swings etc are the symptoms in pregnancy.
  • Human chorionic gonadotropin measurement is required for pregnancy testing.
  • After 37 weeks the organs are fully developed by the child.

Changes In Body

Breasts size increases and become full during pregnancy. There are hormonal changes during pregnancy as well. It also increases the size of the breasts for breastfeeding. Breasts are full, heavy and tender. The first milk is colostrum that breasts produce. It looks yellowish and thick. It is the best food for a newborn. Many pregnant women reported that they feel dizzy as well as lightheadedness. There may be many reasons for this symptom. Morning sickness, leg cramps. Itchiness, fatigue, etc. these are also very common side effects of pregnancy.


A proper nutrition is always important and advised in case of pregnancy. A proper diet is always advised by the doctors before and after pregnancy. Inappropriate food or nutrient intake may be very harmful for the mother as well as the new born. The growth of the child also depends on the diet of the mother. Magnesium, folic acid, vitamin D etc. is the very important nutrients for the mother and the baby.

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