You might think that purchasing a notice board is a relatively straight forward and easy task. If so, you might well find yourself consequently getting it very wrong.

In many businesses such as hospitals and offices, where notice boards are used every day to relay important messages, memos and reminders (and not just somewhere for bored staff to get creative) getting the wrong type, colour or kind or notice board for the job, or having to find a new location for one bought without taking size or position into account could result in catastrophe. After all, a notice board is a communication tool. Hence, failing to take its purchase seriously enough could result in causing unnecessary confusion and miscommunication.

Then, and to avoid that potential nightmare becoming a reality, here are just 5 top tips for choosing the right notice board.

5 Top Tips For Choosing The Right Office Notice Boards


The size of the notice board(s) you opt to invest in should be determined by the space in which you intent to put it, or them and not the other way around. Reiterated, do not make the mistake of purchasing a notice board and only then using its size to decide where it should be placed. This is a common and careless mistake offices make and can hinder rather than help to improve communication.


If you make use of several notice boards within the same space or intend to, use colour to visually and easily make it clear that each board has a separate use and contains distinct information. Not only will this enable better communication, attaching a colour to each will quickly result in staff or those who use the notice boards associating and identifying where they can find the information they are looking for, or correctly post their own messages and memos. Hence, a super simple tip, this is one sure to save your staff time, effort and a mountain of confusion that otherwise can very easily translate into mistakes at the cost of your clients, or maintaining their custom.


The type of notice board you will need to buy will be determined by a number of factors, especially as notice boards are put to such broad uses and not just an office fixture; a notice board in a public area may mean investing in a lockable one. Meanwhile, a notice board intended for external use will need to withstand all weathers. Hence, it is paramount to take some time to find the right type of notice board for your intended uses if the one you buy is to prove useful at all.

Then, it is worth taking a moment to search through the options professional notice board suppliers, like The Notice Board Company, offer before simply hitting the shops. Not only is this a good tip in order to ensure you get the right notice board, it can also prove a brilliantly cost effective way to buy notice boards as online sellers almost always prove far less financially costly.


Location matters when it comes to notice boards as identifying where your intended notice board will be placed will go a long way in determining the type and size notice board you opt to invest in. Then, to avoid getting the wrong notice board, a good tip is to decide prior to buying where you intend to put it. This is not only important to ensure you purchase the right sized notice board for a space but because the kind of notice board you will purchase to stand outside a premises will quite obviously be a very different type of notice board to one intended to be fixed to a corridor or boardroom wall.


Position is often confused with location, but the two both need careful and equal consideration when it comes to notice boards, and where to put them at least, this is true if you want to ensure you get the right notice board and go the right way about getting it noticed.

Then, consider the level at which your new notice board will hang, stand or occupy. For example, if you want to purchase a notice board for use within an office, identify the location where the notice board will be put and then stand before the space, and notice where your eye level hits. This is a useful tip because information at eyelevel will get read. Meanwhile, information too low, too high or at a distance too far from eye level will almost always get overlooked.

Further Tips and Advice

For more advice and guidance as to buying the right notice board for use within an office space, give the article: The Advantages of Having a Notice Board in an Office, readable via the Boards Direct website a look-see.

Meanwhile, for advance for staff of any kind as to how to properly make use of a new notice board (and avoid getting the bosses backs up!), head over to the Office Ninja website and get reading their feature: How to Make an Office Bulletin Board People Will Actually Read.

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