Unfortunately, visiting a dentist is not a part of health routine for many people. Usually, most people think that they need to visit a dentist only if they have an oral health issue. Well, this is a completely incorrect notion. Visiting a dentist for regular oral checkups is very crucial if you wish to maintain a healthy mouth. The routine oral checkups are painless and not necessarily you might need a further treatment. In fact, most of the time it is just to know that everything is fine.

What All To Expect During The First Few Visits To A Dentist

What happens during routine dental checkups?

Before you schedule your dental checkup, it is crucial to find a certified and skilled dentist with whom you will be comfortable working. You can depend of the recommendations of your family and friends for this. Besides, you can always check online for dentist Carrollton and go through their customer’s testimonials to understand the type and quality of their services better.

Generally, during your first visit, your dentist will inquire about your health history. The three basic procedures which you can expect during your first few visits are –

  1. Complete examination

  2. Thorough cleaning

  3. X-rays

1. Full examination:

The first thing your dentist will do after discussing your oral health with you is undertake a complete examination of your mouth, teeth and gums. This examination will give a clear picture about your overall oral health to the dentist and depending on it he/she will recommend further procedure.

The only goal of a dentist in conducting a complete examination of your mouth is to understand whether you have a healthy mouth or not and are there any signs of cancerous lesions. After all, the sooner a problem is detected the faster it can be treated.

2. Thorough cleaning: 

Most of the dental checkups and treatments include deep cleaning. Your dentist or dental hygienist will use special instruments and clean below your gum line. All your built-up plaque and tartar will be removed during the thorough cleaning session and you will instantly feel a type of freshness in your mouth.

If not removed regularly, these plaque and tartar can actually cause bad breath, gum diseases, cavities and other severe oral health issues in future.

3. X-rays:

X-rays is not a compulsion, but they are recommended by a dentist keeping in mind your age, oral health issues and symptoms. X-rays is the best way in which problems which are unnoticed otherwise can be detected. Some of the issues which are only detected by X-rays are –

  • Damage to jawbones

  • Abscesses

  • Impacted teeth

  • Decay between the teeth

  • Cysts or tumors, etc.

Most of the dentist use modern machines which emit no radiation and thus you are not exposed to harmful radiations. Usually, x-rays are only recommended in emergency situations in order to understand your arch, relationship between different teeth and bite. However, if you are pregnant, it is crucial that you inform your dentist about the same in advance.

So, that is all what you can expect from your dental visits. Additionally, if there are any specific treatments which you might need, your dentist will recommend and explain about the same.

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