Let’s say you were looking for a room for rent in Mumbai and after roaming in the whole city you finally got one. Kudos! To all your efforts and hard work. Now you are all geared up to bless the aura with your presence. You clean the new room, decorate it, arrange things and finally plonk on the bed to rest. But hey! Did you notify people about your new address? Common you don’t want to see them in trouble as they go from street to street looking for you. Thus, let not updating about your new address to these personal and professional folks slip through the cracks.

Rented A New Apartment Notify These Contacts About Your New Address

  1. Banks and Financial Institutions: If you have subscribed to the physical bank statement or you get an update about your EMIs from the money lending institution in the form of hard copy, then do take an immediate action on the change of the address. You don’t want your ex- neighbor’s door jammed with envelopes containing your financial status.
  2. Do Inform Your Hawkers: Ditching your hawkers without clearing their payment or updating them about your new address is not a right thing to do. Thus, do keep them abreast about your new location. However, if you had a rented apartment in Delhi before and now you have your new room for rent in Mumbai, then it doesn’t make sense to tell your new address to your milkman, newspaper hawker, etc. But it is your duty to inform them about the same in order to discontinue their service and clear their dues (if any).
  3. Your Favorite E-Commerce Portals: Don’t get all perked up when their pops-up a mega discount deal on e-commerce portals, especially when you have just changed your residence. Shopping becomes an indispensable part when someone shifts to a new place. But make sure to update your address before clicking on the checkout button.
  4. Last Landlord: There are few cases where the lease is broken by the tenant and the house is vacated on a bad term with the landlord. Then there are cases where the tenant feel he would never again meet his landlord and thus, never really updates him about his whereabouts. But it is strongly advised to inform your last landlord about your new address. Any individual knocking at your last place’s door for either official or personal work won’t go empty handed if your landlord knows about your current location.
  5. All Other Services That You have Availed: There are many services that an individual avails. For instance, post-paid cell phone connection, insurance, any membership in the club, handyman services, etc. These service providers frequently send mails and even undertake visits. Thus, it becomes very much essential to update all of them about your new mailing address.

You have not done any wrong, then why keep your new address behind the veil and that too from necessary service providers. Hence, make sure to update everyone about your new nest and stay in touch with them always.

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