While 29 states and Washington DC have legalised medical marijuana, you could still be arrested and put in prison for possession by Federal agencies even in the states that it is legal. There is a safe and legal painkilling alternative in the form of a South East Asian herb called Kratom, that has similar painkilling effects to marijuana yet can’t result in your life and career being ruined.  

Federal vs state laws

When the Founding Fathers created the United States they deliberately built in tensions between the different bits of government. The President can only suggest laws to Congress but has the right of veto should he dislike one being passed to him to be signed into law. The Judiciary can rule an Executive Order signed by the President illegal. The battle between the states and the Federal government over marijuana is just what the Founding Fathers hoped would happen – the friction between them would ensure that neither state or Feds would be too powerful.

However, under the Constitution Federal law takes primacy over state law. While medical marijuana is legal in more than half of the USA, you could still be arrested and put in prison by Federal agencies such as the DEA. Polls routinely show that the general public is in favour of full legalisation but the Feds won’t have any of it. A Constitutional standoff results.

Another important thing to consider is that many professions are governed by Federal law. You could lose your job in the military, as a pilot or as a merchant seaman for instance if you were found to have marijuana in your system. This means that for millions of Americans they can’t touch the drug even if it was legal.

Kratom – another solution

Many pharmaceutical painkillers use highly addictive opium derivatives. If you are in constant pain then you could end up addicted to the medication that your doctor prescribes you. This is why so many people prefer medical marijuana. Those that won’t for fear of the law or can’t due to their profession have had to take the risks associated with Big Pharma opiates.

Kratom is a bush related to coffee that is found in South East Asia and has been used for hundreds of years as a ‘Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug’ (NSAID) similar to ibuprofen or aspirin. Unlike those other two its painkilling effects are far stronger, and can be used to replace opiate painkillers without loss of painkilling effect. It is drunk you would a green tea with the dried leaves being washed through a strainer.

If you buy Kratom in the USA you will find one of three varieties, with the White Kratom energising you yet easing the pain, while the Red Kratom can mellow you out like a half bottle of wine. The Green Kratom is in the middle.

Unlike the pharmaceuticals given to you by your doctor, you cannot overdose on this herbal remedy either – if you take too much you’ll be vomiting harder than if you had a bad Mexican. This is a natural safety valve, with really undesirable effects should you try to abuse it.


For someone who doesn’t want to get hooked on pharmaceutical opiates yet doesn’t want to be arrested, Kratom is really worth a try.

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