In case you are living in Australia and wish to bring your parents from overseas to you, you need to know the options of Australian immigration that are available for your parents. There are six different classes of Visa that are available to individuals who wish to bring their parents to Australia.

Available classes of Visa

  1. The parent visa (subclass 103)
  2. The onshore aged parent visa (subclass 804)
  3. The contributory parent visa (subclass 173) (temporary)
  4. The onshore contributory aged parent visa (subclass 884) (temporary)
  5. The contributory parent visa (subclass 143)
  6. The onshore contributory aged parent visa (subclass 864)

Do You Want To Bring Your Parents To Australia?

Different requirements for Visa

All of the above mentioned parent visa for Australian have one basic requirement—the applicant must have a sponsor. A sponsor is an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand who is settled in Australia. It is also required that the sponsor has legally lived in Australia for at least two years, before the application is made. In most of the cases, the applicant’s sponsor is either their child or their child’s spouse.

In case of subclass 103, 173 and 143, a parent usually gets a visa if they are sponsored and they meet the required tests of health and character.

Another important requirement that the applicants must meet for parent visa for Australia from India is-they should meet the ‘balance-of-family’ test. The test results help to measure the family ties of the applicant to Australia. The applicant successfully meets the requirements if half of all their children are settled in Australia or more of the applicant’s children are settled in Australia than they are settled in any other country.

For subclass 804, 884, and 864, an applicant is required to meet all the above requirements. Over and above these requirements, they are also required to meet an age requirement. An applicant who is applying for either of these visas (onshore aged parent visa, onshore contributory aged parent visa, onshore contributory aged parent visa (temporary)) must be of an age that makes them eligible for age pension in Australia. Whether an applicant is eligible for age pension or not depends on the year of their birth.

Benefits of a parent, aged parent, or contributory parent visa

In case an applicant’s application for either the parent visa, aged parent visa or contributory parent visa gets successful, they can immigrate to Australia and reside there for an indefinite term. The visa is a permanent resident visa that entitles an applicant to all the benefits and rights that are available to the holder of such visa.

Some of the parents visas can take as long as thirty years to process since there is a long queue, especially the parent visa (subclass 103) and the onshore aged parent visa (subclass 804).

In case you are looking for detailed information on this topic, there are several lawyers that are available online to help you answer your queries.